Let’s Talk Anime First Impressions: -YuruYuri-

Like with all anime, middle-school characters do rather questionable things at times and some seem to be adults in disguise. The bane of all anime is that they play on this detail. While this area of anime is often the direct cause of much of the fluff and controversy with how people generally perceive anime. That being said, YuruYuri, still plays a delicate song that teeters on this line but it has some terrific witty comedy behind it’s belt! For me, it seems more like a mature Nichijou and there was some stuff in that anime that gave off a mature vibe. While the anime is commonly referred to as, Easy going Yuri, the humor in this anime is literally of the charts. The skits, the drama and hilarious humor all adds in this anime to give you something memorable to take home.

tumblr_n69l1hetLz1rmjoy9o1_500The opening of the first season has to be my favorite opening thus far, it is catchy and full of beats. While I have yet to catch up to the new third season, I am part way through the second season right now. I will say that the animation is a lot better from what I have seen of the third season and it only continues to evolve and change for the better with each passing episode. So far, Toshino Kyouko’s random humor is fantastic, especially with her Tomato pajamas. I mean, it is a tomato. While again, the taste of this anime may put a lot of people off, if you look at it from a humor standpoint, this anime does a lot of thins right and is over the top about it, which is what I tell people about Nichijou. YuruYuri can be watched in it’s entirety on Crunchyroll! While I am not done with this, I will be posting a review soon! I also wanted to use this post to address that for most of this next week, I may be very slow on the posts, I will have a veyr busy next few weeks in term of work and such. I will also be busy with preparing for the slew of new game releases, mainly Fallout 4 and Star Wars Battlefront. So, if we are lacking posts, then this is the reason as to why! As always, thank you so much for reading!


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