Let’s Talk Music: -New Anime/Gaming Music-

It has been quite some time since we last got to talk about music. Having three versions of this post under our belt, surely there is nothing new or exciting to talk about right? Wrong. There is always something to talk about in regards to music. The volume, the meaning, the variations, all of it worth while to talk about and share with like minded viewers. Today we will mark the first post in our new, Let’s Talk Music, category. I do hope that we can do a few of these every so often as there are always new anime or games coming out that have absolutely stunning and beautiful soundtracks. Today, we get to talk about some of our new favorite compositions from both the anime we are watching and that of the games we are playing.

Now, as I state in every article that covers music, I am no expert nor am I trained to play an instrument. This appreciation comes from the movies I grew up watching, the games that I played and the one class I took about the history of Music in college (Essentially a music appreciation class). I may use terms that do not make any sense to a musically inclined person but to me, they make enough sense with what I am feeling and attempting to convey in written form. It gives almost physical form to the emotions we have welled up inside. They can be soft, heavy and tense. That is what I love about music. Whether it is vocally sang or just the stings and bangs of the instruments. Each song has a story to tell and each note is just a step or passionate emotion in the full composition. It can make a romantic moment seem that much more passionate and it can make dreadful or sorrow filled moments, that much more sad or disturbing. So, let’s start this post off with the absolutely amazing song.

Comet Lucifer- The Seed and The Sower: Okay, this opening, the full composition is absolutely beautiful. I love how full of life and joy this song feels. I smile just listening to it and it is what I play on days where I feel like the weight of everything is just coming in on me. While I have yet to find the translated break down of the lyrics, I can’t help but feel just so full of joy. Honestly. If this song cannot make you crack a smile or at least feel like you want to go and experience what life has to offer, then you need to listen to more upbeat songs.

Fallout 4 Theme- Inon Zur: The re-visioned theme for the upcoming Fallout 4 game, Inon Zur has made a master piece here and is a testimony to the power that gaming soundtracks can have. They are just as impacting as their movie based counterparts and sometimes they can shoot past the movie greats. Composers like Hans Zimmer have even ventured into the realm of Video game composition and other composers are looking to follow suit. Video game soundtracks have such weight to them, such volume that many great composers are often not seen. Lately, composers like Marty O’Donnell or Austin Wintory are just a small few of the great composers that are finally getting the recognition that these gaming greats have deserved. Heck, Austin Wintory’s work on the game, Journey, got him to the Grammy’s in competition with composers like John Williams. Getting back on track however, Fallout 4’s theme is so much more than what it used to be. It seems heavy with depth and emotion this time around and I hope that means a new phase in story telling ability this time around.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: If you like intense, on the run type music then the, Withcer 3 Wild Hunt, will have you enjoying the chanting and the fast paced nature of it’s composition. While slow and melodic at parts, the soundtrack to this game really gives you a sense of urgency almost. I love that about this. It feels like the tracker following in pursuit of the targeted prey, much like the Wild Hunt is doing in game. I think what gets me is the first piece you play when you boot up the soundtrack of the game and it is the one that sticks with me till the end.

Each of the listed items has such an impacting tune. Whether that tune is uplifting and life inspiring or dark, fast and ravenous. Music tells us an emotional story that is told without words. It can be felt, truly. It gives us goose bumps and causes our hair to stand up on our arms. It’s why we love the movies, shows or games that we interact with, so long as the music is there to support it. This is something I cannot stress more nor can I stop talking about it. Many out there only look at what the surface of a game has to offer and may blindly ignore the soundtrack. While, you can still have a pleasant, if not memorable experience, it my not be as fulfilling as it is letting the music surround you and take you into its embrace. It really makes all the difference between a placid moment and an intense moment.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Music: -New Anime/Gaming Music-

  1. Theres a beautifully composed song that features at the end of “Tales of Symphonia” that wonderfully encapsulates the incredibly journey you undertook. I listen to that orchestraly poignant song at least once a week. In fact, you’ll have to excuse me……

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    1. That was such an awesome game! Sorry that I am just now getting back to this! Was away that day… It’s awesome when you can just get lost in a game or anime’s soundtrack. : 3

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