Let’s Talk Trailers: -Star Wars: The Force Awakens-

Don your armor, grab your pilot’s jumpsuit, strap into your X-Wing/Tie Fighter and lets make one of the best trailers to date. I never knew the magic of the older movie trailers for Star Wars nor did I really appreciate them until I could fully realize what was going on in them. I grew up with Star Wars all around me. My First game for Nintendo 64 was Star Wars Rouge Squadron, my first Lego was a Naboo Starfighter. I may be that typical Star Wars nut and nerd but for me, it was my childhood. I loved watching the movies, playing the games and just getting lost in all the books and material for it. It really is a living and breathing world that changes day by day. It has one of the biggest fan-bases and is seen the world over as a piece of art. While not perfect by any means nor the best trailer, the most likely final full-length trailer for, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, delivered on a high note. While not particular plot heavy, it still gave a lot of insight. It finally gave voice to Kylo Ren, it finally gave a sense of meaning to the new characters that we see around us. I feel like this may be one of the more emotionally driving Star Wars out there; it may also be the most epic.

Honestly, as I am writing this I am in a sense of awe. With Playstation’s Winter showcase trailer for, Star Wars Battlefront, giving off a hell of one nostalgia trip, I am reminded why I love this series and why it is also a driving passion for why I am doing this website. No, it doesn’t have anything to do with anime so much but it is the reason why I was a nerd about something, why I was a fan about something. Star Wars showed me it was okay and fun to be a bit nerdy and passionate about something that is not real. It didn’t have to be real to be engaging to a kid growing up. It just had to be memorable. Diverting back to the trailer from memory lane, I love seeing bits of struggles in this trailer and how obsessive Kylo Ren is about the late, Darth Vader. It is almost a quality that some fans have; If anything he is someone just absolutely fascinated by this man. While no Supreme Leader Snoke was to be seen, yes I am a bit of a fan of the First Order, I am curious to learn more about his character than I am those of the Resistance. It was nice to see old Han Solo, getting engaged with Finn and Rey.

Star Wars is going to be something fierce this year and it will come in swinging. With Star Wars Battlefront delivering that childhood dream of being immersed into a Star Wars world and the revitalization of the Star Wars franchise, thanks in part to JJ. Abrams love of the series, I feel safe and comforted in seeing that this movie, this series, is about to step into a whole new realm of awesome. It will further inspire new generations of fans and kids to play with flashlights, to buy those Lego’s like my parents did for me and to then promote and involve themselves in one of the most amazing and charitable fan-bases out there. I know this is a deviation from what we normally post and do but tonight was too big of a night for me not to want to share this glorious trailer with you all! I understand not everyone likes Star Wars and that is okay. More for me to enjoy then. Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters this December 18th, 2015. Tickets are already on-sale and several sites have already reported crashes and sever hiccups.


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