Let’s Talk Anime: -My Favorite Fall 2015 Openings-

As you all know I love the music and opening associated with anime. They give us that emotional tie to the scene, or even the anime as a whole. Music makes a tense moment feel just that much more, it makes a sad moment even more so. With the advent of so many new Fall releases, I wanted to share a few of my absolute favorite opening thus far. This won’t be a terribly big article but I felt like posting something musical while I am working on a bigger game review post for you all. The order will be just how I post them and not because I like one more than the other.

Comet Lucifer

Right now this one would be my pick if I had to go with one for an opening choice. It is so full of color, range and just life. Felia, the chick with the purple-ish hair and the leaf dress, is a spirit that represents the embodiment of what life is all about and how amazing it can be. This song just hits the notes so well for this anime and for Felia’s character as well. I cannot help but crack a smile and want to go outside and take in all that the world has to offer me. It also helps that the anime is an absolutely amazing one.

Hacka Doll The Animation

While I was originally put off a bit by the first episode, the latest third episode has my mind changed, That being said, the anime has one amazing opening and is so darn catchy. It hits all the moe notes that this anime attempts to convey in it’s silly, wacky run.

Utawarerumono The False Faces

NOTE: This is not the opening, just a video I could find for it on YouTube. They arr pretty jumpy about the video that was on their before. Still it show cases the fantastice anime that Utawarerumono is. I love the setting, I love the dialogue and characters from this long running game series. IF you enjoy fantasy inspired anime then this one is for you. It has great ambiant music and one of my favorite openings of this season.

As I said, not an entirely huge article just one that I wanted to do since when I write, it is often to the opening songs of the anime I am watching or have watched already. I may have to do another Let’s Talk Music soon, as with the latest round of anime and games that will be out soon. Do you have any favorites yourself? Feel free to share or talk about them below or on our Twitter page!


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