Let’s Talk Gaming: -Kausus’s Game of The Year Contenders-

With only two months, really just a month and a half until we start seeing the bevy of Game of the Year awards getting tossed around. So, like any good gaming website, we too will throw up a list of my top 5 game of the year contenders. This games may have already been released or are going to be released, at least two will be of obvious nature, the rest will be the few games that I managed to get my hands on this year. More or less in the same format as to how our holiday release post went, though this time the focus will be on the WHY I think that these titles will be strong contenders for my Game of The Year pick.

battlefrontStar Wars Battlefront: Okay, so, much like my beaming view on the beta release, I have a strong feeling that Star Wars Battlefront, may be able to grab some honors if not a few GOTY (Game of The Year) awards or nominations. The reason for my choice is just the sole fact that this is the first Star Wars game that took the attention to detail so seriously that it manages to lose you in a world that we can all only dream of visiting. The gameplay, while only seen from the beta standpoint was compelling enough and engaging enough for us to thoroughly enjoy myself. While we are still not certain as to what the $60 Multiplayer only price tag will entail fully, we do believe, as well as have enough faith in DICE, to deliever a stellar, Star Wars Battlefront experience. Not only that, I hope to goodness they can get the DLC right! Simple as that.

mad-max-coverMad Max: Okay, we all dread game adaptations of movie title releases and we dread movies that are based off of games, hopefully the Assassins Creed movie does justice, oh god please. However, there are always a few gems that will soar out of the refuse pile and usually take on a life of their own. Case in point, the Mad Max game that was just released this past September. Fun, engaging and down right addictive with it’s car customization, Mad Max was supposed to be a released title to coincide with the Fury Road movie. Instead, Warner Bro’s opted to halt the games release to allow for further polish and development time. The end result? An amazingly well polished game (Some bugs included) that took on it’s own story but still used the world of Fury Road as it’s main oyster. The car customization and mechanics are some of the best I have seen, though the driving is a bit stiff at times. The graphics and storms add so much more to this game that I feel with the atmosphere alone, it could contend fairly well for my GOTY pick.

witcher3_wallapaper_5The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Okay, I played the first Witcher and was impressed, and then I forgot to get the second one, so I got the third release. If you love an open world game, beard physics, hair physics and high fantasy settings with amazing combat and player freedom, then The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is the game for you to play. The first Witcher game to feature an open world setting, The developer CD Projekt Red really hit the nail with the hammer and gave players an awesome month long FREE DLC program that has received so much praise and love from the gaming community. The story of the side quests and mainline quests are also something that is of superb quality and caliber. They will emotionally engage you and tell you a story unlike what you have seen before, albeit at times darker than we may be used to.

age_bg_tppMetal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain: While not a big surprise here, MGSV is also a first in it’s own series to introduce an open world game with player freedom in how they tackle the various missions that they are given. While having a story that did not wow many, it’s Online mode and gameplay were more than enough to win over almost every player. Being the first Metal Gear game I have played since the Twin Snakes release for the Nintendo GameCube, one could say that I was rather blown away and colored impressed by the games options and stealth mechanics. While I do enjoy a run and gun feel to some of my games. Just being presented with more options with stealth, had driven me to appreciate the abilities I had available. MGSV takes many fundamental principles from other Metal Gear games and gives them a much needed coat of paint and it really shines through. While controversy did surround this game for numerous reasons, it still has delivered on it’s grounds as one of the bets Metal Gear games to date.

Fallout-4Fallout 4: While Star Wars Battlefront is my first choice for the contender, I do believe that Bethesda will sway my mind and my free time to their title. Why? There has not been a game made by them that I have not dumped countless hours into. Nor has there not been a Fallout game that I have not played. Fallout 4 will bring with it a bevy of new features and while we did talk about them in our let’s talk gaming Fallout 4, we won’t touch on them here, rather I feel that the scale, scope and story will be enough for me to find a much enjoyable game that will continue to provide us with countless hours of fun and prolonged enjoyment. With the advent of mod support finally coming to consoles, I feel that Fallout 4 will deliver players a game that will continue to provide them with hours upon hours of endless enjoyment and fun.

There you have it, our top 5 contenders for my game of the year award. We will be naming a GOTY winner for each of us, as well as an overall winner when it gets that that point and time. I believe we will give our award around early to mid December. We will also be featuring two more posts like this as our other authors will be throwing in their choices and opinions as well. Is there a game that you played a feel like is a great candidate for a GOTY award? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below and as always, thank you for reading and supporting our articles and website!


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