Website Discussion: -New Theme and New Added Fluff-

cropped-twitterheader.pngSo, you may have all just noticed the new theme! Yup, we went with the nice 2014 theme! I will make this clear and upfront, I do realize that this theme will be off centered and does not scale up for larger screen sizes. We apologize heavily for this. I just do not have the money to invest into a yearly subscription to a fuller WordPress add-on. I would love to eventually be able to, which is what our Patreon Campaign is directed at helping with. However, once financial situations work them self out, it may be even better so I am very hopeful for the future! Alright so, what is the new fluff or rather, what will be the new fluff? I have yet to implement these changes but I shall go into detail about them!

First, we will have a dedicated page that will cover some current deals or upcoming releases for the PlayStation Store/Network. Why PlayStation? Well, our games are generally PS4 or PS Vita exclusives or the titles that we play are on this so, that drive and passion will have a special place on our website! That being said, provided one of our other authors feels up to it, they do own an Xbox One, so we could also just have a combined gaming section. What makes it different from what we have been doing with our posts now? Well, they are a bit unorganized and if you are coming to our site just for the gaming side, then we want to make it much more accessible for you all out there. That being, said our front page may just only contain anime but we will still try to keep a few big title posts, such as reviews, on the front page. I do not know how long this will take to implement and work on, I would gander maybe a days worth which will depend on what I can actually do.

I also plan on having a better menu system to organize our stuff into; this is also to accommodate for the new gaming focus page. Mainly just a lot of Fall cleaning and sprucing up of our website. As always, I am very much open to community feedback on how our website is looking and performing. I want to provide you all an awesome website to frequent and feel pleasant with. I want it to feel like that favorite store you walk into and just feel relaxed and welcomed. This is not a big post by far but just to help explain some stuff; as well as to address the sudden change in the websites theme and layout!


3 thoughts on “Website Discussion: -New Theme and New Added Fluff-

  1. I like it and I like the color blue.


  2. You have the official Rukifer seal of approval.
    (Man, I’m gonna have to photoshop one)
    Good job. ^___^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! 😀 You Totes should make one. It shall be a highly coveted and sought after prize.


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