Anime Queue and Gaming Queue Update!

Alright, this is going to be a new subject that will be aimed at providing better updates regarding what I currently have on my Crunchyroll queue as well as what we are playing. This will mainly be lead by a video blog. It will basically give you guys a bit of update and sense into what we are watching and playing. It may feature different authors talking about things, it will mainly be lead by yours truly, Kausus, though it will depend provided I get a better handling on video editing and recording… Any ways, let us get on with the bulk of this post! We will be covering what New(ish) anime that we are watching, which means reviews! Yay! So, here is the list, I will have links and pictures providing you access to them on Crunchyroll. Since these links will be from Crunchyroll, I won’t have anything linking to other sites since simulcasts will vary depending on licensing.

Now for the non-Fall 2015 Anime…

Now as far as the gaming side of life goes, I do have Mad Max to finish up and possibly review though my friend and fellow author on this website, may be the one doing a review of that game since has had a lot more time and effort put into the game than I have so far. As far as newer games go, I did do a review on Persona 4 Dancing All Night. The only new game I recently acquired was a pre-order, Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance.  So I hope to be able to get a gaming review up soon! In other news, I did recently also stand down from the Nintendo aspect of gaming. I did not cover this in the video I recorded but, I made the choice to turn in my 3DS XL due to the fact that I felt I got better time allocation out of my PS4 & PS Vita. Plus the systems work together and are built to have seamless gameplay with one another. I may write a more in depth article but that remains to be seen! Hope you all enjoy the new video. I tried it this time with my tablet so, here is hoping it looks a little bit better!


2 thoughts on “Anime Queue and Gaming Queue Update!

  1. The fact that you don’t call it the “Aniqueue” should be a crime.


  2. Kausus, the video turned out great 🙂 I look forward to more updates like this, and in fact, it inspires me to do something similar. But that’s for another day. Nice update!

    Liked by 1 person

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