Let’s Talk Anime First Impression: -Utawarerumono: False Faces-

4Once in a while, I get a craving for something fantasy based anime and only a few can fill that need or want for it. Utawarerumono fills that need. It delivers both an artistic background and lots of laughs and action. The anime is based on an older PSP game by the same name. It also happens to have an older anime that followed it before hand. This new anime is just another stepping stone in the long history that this series has. Thankfully I am completely inept and have not played nor seen the older anime or played the game.  However the anime has got me hooked with its awesome humor and beautiful vistas.

The anime opens with a man who seemingly was compelled by some unknown force and ended up wandering out into the snowy world that they lived in. If they lived in a normal world, that is beyond my knowledge however, we do see that they awake into a snowy environment, only to be quickly pursued by a giant insect. The anime is quick to throw us into this world and to get us caught up with what is currently happening. All of the characters fit typical roles, including the cat girl that we get introduced to. The voice work thus far is excellent and fits every character I have seen so far! I want to say, Haku our main characters voice, sounds very familiar but I sadly cannot put a finger on it. The sound track and the opening are both awesome. While I have not heard much of the composition, it is something that is off a driving curiosity. I will be looking into playing the games, if I can find them, in order to be a little bit more versed in the matter.

The anime is currently slated for 25 episodes with Crunchyroll being the only known North American streaming service that will be airing this anime. If you are on the fence about watching this anime I will say, give it the first two episodes. The first one is pretty slow but it picks up halfway and gives you a chance to see some of it’s more humorous side; it also gives us a nice look into the actually art style and characters. If you have watched this anime, what do you think of it so far? Did you watch or play the original games? Let us know!

Crunchyroll: http://www.crunchyroll.com/utawarerumono-the-false-faces


1 thought on “Let’s Talk Anime First Impression: -Utawarerumono: False Faces-

  1. ughhhhhh I have seen the first series to this was beautiful and was so excited for when this got announced if I have time this week I will watch the first episode 🙂

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