Let’s Talk Gaming: -PS Vita Game/Starting Recommendations-

I don't know the YouTuber but sourced his image from Google. Good example of a Vita Library.
I don’t know the YouTuber but sourced his image from Google. Good example of a Vita Library.

Alright, this video is in response to a followers comments on the last article I did covering the PS Vita, which you can access by clicking this guy here. So, you want to get a new handheld system, the Vita being a candidate for your hard earned or birthday/Christmas choice. You need to get a game or two to go with it right? Also, what do you need to actually start using your new handheld. Well, look no further than here as I will do my best to help any and all perspective gamers in this dilemma. I will try to give you all at least a starting point in what you want to purchase for your vita and what games you may want to look into getting when you get said console.

First we are going to talk about what you need to have to get started. First of course once you get the console in mind you need to also purchase a memory card. Yes, the slim models have 1GB of on-board storage space but trust me, that will only be enough for a few saved titles and maybe one or two patches. You will have to get a memory card. Sadly, these are over priced in a general opinion. Not to mention they are essentially micro-sd cards but just in Sony’s own image. Thankfully, they have been out long enough to have some price drop and to go on sale frequently. I would recommend looking into getting the 32GB card at the very least. They do offer a 64GB option but anything lower than 32GB you are looking to cringe some, especially if you are looking to add a few digital games to your collection. If you are tight on money you might be able to find the PS Vita Starter kit on Amazon or in a select few Wal-Mart Red sticker sections. It will nab you a 4GB card, as well as a small vita pouch, screen protector, screen cleaning rag and a nifty carrying case for extra memory cards and PS Vita cartridges. There may be other starter kits but this is the one I personally recommend as it is what I had purchased for my first go around. The 4GB card is great to get you started but it won’t last long. Thankfully if you have a local Bestbuy, they will or should carry some of the Vita memory cards and better yet, they will price match Amazon, provided the item you are wanting to get is both SHIPPED and SOLD by amazon. It cannot be sold by amazon and shipped by Kausus’s wacky electronics.

Alright, now as far as games go, there a TONS to choose from. Local vendors, aside from GameStop, will not do justic to the Vita’s library; even so, it will vary from GameStop to GameStop. The games I will list are from universal praise and also from what games i have played thus far for the system. So, in no particular order let’s get this bus on the road!

Persona 4 Golden (Dancing All Night): To start our category, I will recommend the one game that drives most users to purchasing a Vita. Arguebly the king of RPG’s in the handheld market, Persona 4 Golden is the king of JRPG and shines on the PS Vita. Giving you hours of fun and replay value, Persona 4 Golden is the remastered version of the original PS2  game of the same name, just minus the golden. You can get this game brand new for just at 19.99 USD or lower. As of September 29th for the North American release, Dancing All Night is the latest in the series and the first ever Rhythm based game in the persona Library. Both are recommended grabs. If you like Anime and RPG’s, you will love these games.

Killzone Mercenary: If you are wanting to scratch that FPS itch on the go, look no further than the only PS Vita Kill Zone title. Mercernary brings you to the perspective of a hired gun that just fights to make a living out of the War between Vekta and Helghan. Pricing will definitely vary but the new game can still run for 39.99USD or cheaper, depending on the outlet you go through. I was lucky enough to nab it with my PS+ subscription so it only costed me my subscription price.

Freedom Wars (Or any other hunter genre): Wanting a Monster Hunter-esque gameplay experience? Well, Freedom Wars is on of the many hunter genre choices to choose from and by far the best on the PS Vita thus far. Being one of the few games to showcase what is possible with the Vita as well as it’s awesome graphical capabilities, Freedom Wars will present you with an ever fun and amazing experience as you fight your way from your dank little prison cell to a rather suave life of dealing with rampaging mechanoid constructs.

Danganronpa series: While this is a series I do not own or have played, it is usually seen up there with the recommendations list for game son the PS Vita, being a premier visual novel type game, Danganronpa presents you with a colorful dark game that gives you puzzle after puzzle to help sate your desire for a visceral story and entertaining experience. The game recently got it’s third title released not to long ago. It is rather hard to find a physical copy, if you aren’t going through Amazon. The digital copies still retail for their original 39.99USD cost.

Terraria/Minecraft: If you like building or very sandbox like games, then the mobile releases of these titles will help you to fill that niche, while the Minecraft game is more limited in size when compared to its PC counterpart, the game still will give you that satisfying need to make great structures and to diggy diggy a hole. Terraria should be exactly like the PC counterpart, although I have not played the handheld version myself. The games should retail both physically and digitally for 19.99USD

While not the most comprehensive, this is a list that I feel is a great start for you to hop off on. Getting any new console is a thrilling and nervous experience. It is hard to tell if it will be a system that you feel like investing a lot of time and money into. The Vita will not be for everyone but, I hope that you find a category that you will very much enjoy playing as you look to explore and see what the PS Vita has to offer you as a dedicated gaming platform.

Amazon PS Vita Starter Kit: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B006PP4136?keywords=ps%20vita%20starter%20kit&qid=1444484776&ref_=sr_1_1&sr=8-1

Amazon PS Vita Memory Cards: https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_c_0_11?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=ps+vita+memory+card&sprefix=PS+vita+mem%2Caps%2C231


2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Gaming: -PS Vita Game/Starting Recommendations-

  1. I tried for years to do the Lightning Dodger and Catcher Chocobo from FFX (PS2). Could never do them. Then I tried dodging lightning again on PS3 for the remasters. Still failed again and again. Cross-saved to Vita, did it in one try. Didn’t even bother trying on my PS3 for Chocobo Chaser, and also quickly conquered it. I think those alone made buying a Vita worth it. I couldn’t believe how stupidly easy they were on Vita.

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    1. There are a lot of good ports and remasters that are sent to the Vita and while I know much of the casual gaming audience hates remakes, it is a great handheld though, for these little titles and the indie developers that get to have some decent exposure.

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