Let’s Talk Anime First Impression: -Comet Lucifer-

So, a few days behind the debut of this anime, we decided to take some time to sit down and go over the anime, Comet Lucifer. I don’t know how long this article may be but just bear with us. This is a first episode impression after all. Comet Lucifer starts with an old man talking about some plot details that I am sure that will be revealed to us later on in the anime. From what I can see though, the world seems bleak and massive ruins of former mines rip into the ground like gashes on a forearm. Our main character, Sogo, is but a simple teenager(?) looking to make his way through life by rummaging through these old mines in search of rare stones. While the city the inhabit looks like something out of a steampunk world, it is full of hyper-futuristic tech, as evident by the holographic computer displays. Then there are also mechs. And a strange girl that decided to come out of her long hibernation from a crystalline structure and into the waiting arms of our hero, Sogo.

[2015.10.05_02.36.12]A bit odd from how it is written in this first impression, I know but, this anime has a certain charm. I have seen a few nods to other Mecha anime, Gurren Lagann being sort of evident in the beginning. The art however is very fresh, the characters really pop and feel like they have been living in this world for a very long time. Even the 3D art work is pretty darn good, especially when it comes to the mech’s that are in the anime. Though, now that I look back, it feels like it could also be some pretty darn good 2D art work. The opening is also pretty catchy and has a super nice tune about it, giving you the feeling that this anime will be something to look forward to in the later episodes that will air. The anime does run at a normal 24 minute length  and so our guesses may be that this anime could see a 12 or 24 run treatment, if not longer, depending on how they will go about telling the story that they need to tell.

ce1c744272a5b9bc1cf08141ac8ca94bHave you seen Comet Lucifer yet? Is it an anime on your list? Let us know in the comments below! Also, if you like these first impressions, let us know! If you want us to do something a bit different, again, let us know. We always love the feedback that you all give, when you give it. I also do apologize for the slowing in posts, with the holiday season upon us work has been pretty wild lately. We will still do our best to bring you articles as soon as we can!


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