Let’s Talk Gaming: -Is The PS Vita Dead?-

Imaged sourced via gamespot!
Imaged sourced via gamespot!

So to start, I love handheld systems. The feel, the look and the game types. Handhelds allow for a totally unique way to experience gaming on the go. Sony wished to ‘update’ this aspect with their Vita Handheld system. It was to be usher-er of a new age in handhelds. Sadly, it fell short and as these past few weeks have come and gone, several outlets have begun publishing articles talking about the Vita’s decline and with the recent mishap in regards to PlayStation Asia’s wording about the Vita, it has made the user base feel shaky and iffy at best. The article in question has since been edited and no longer includes mention of the console being dead. So, case closed? Not so much. I want to explore why I feel that the Vita still has a decent life span, not in terms of sales rather, in terms of functionality.

So if you already own a PS Vita or are in the market for one, you may be trying to weigh the options you have. If you get one in this uncertain market do you feel like you may just be hoping on a sinking ship? Or did you just jump into a market that has little to no exposure? I would argue that if you are considering getting a PS Vita over say a PSP, then you will have an enjoyable time. For one, the Vita’s library is also open to playing Mini’s, PS One Classics and several PSP titles. While the availability of these titles will vary based on localization, you do have access to a lot of awesome classics that you normally would have to possibly scrounge around for with an older console. That being said, the Vita still lacks access to some of the more popular PSP or PS One titles that the PS3 has greater access to. Not to mention no PS2 games are available for download sadly.

Just one of the newer games and one of the more popular Vita titles to date.

If the classics don’t tickle a fancy, then you have the plethora of the PS Vita global library to play with. The system is unlocked, so there is no reason that you wouldn’t try to port the game from say the U.K. It gets more tricky with the Japanese releases since a basic understanding of Japanese would be required. That being said, the U.S. Vita Library is still impressive, digitally that is. Physically you will run into situations where your local retailer may not have a very big Vita section at all sadly; your local GameStop would be one of the very few retailers that would have a big Vita section. Even so, the games that are being released for the system now are unique and innovative. It is especially a great platform for the indie developers out there. Since most of the indie games published are also available on the PS4, you get both copies for the one price. It gives the indie developers more exposure and more chances to catch someone with their game title. Indie games aside, there are still a few companies, like Atlus and XSEED, who still churn out some stuff for the loyal Vita fan-base to enjoy.

That all being said, the releases have gotten less exclusive and more cross platform released or just more focused on the PS4 and while the games being released for the console support a wireless feed to the Vita for remote play functionality, it does require a very decent internet connection. IF that is not an issue then you also essentially have the plethora of the PS4 library, capable of streaming to your Vita for true console quality that is mobile, however you are tied to your wifi connection or if you are rocking the first model vita with  a 3G card the you at least have that to possibly work with! Is the Vita then worth jumping into? I want to say yes, though I may be one of the few who say that. No I won’t color this and say that the Vita has been in decline thanks in part to the rise of gaming on smartphone devices. The 3DS has stayed afloat mainly due to unwavering support by Nintendo for their own platform, something that the PS Vita has seen little of sadly. So, if you are wanting to get in on the Vita market and board the train, then feel free to do so. The Vita may not have a PSP life span but it does have a very good library as it is. Will Sony continue to support the device? I would hope so, the device may still be supported software wise but with declining sales, i see that the Vita may eventually slow down in terms of hardware production. It may even turn into a console that may be later coveted by niche collectors and could see a price hike. Though that very well remains to be seen.

If you own a Vita, how do you feel with the device? Do you wish Sony had more vocal support of the platform? Maybe more AAA titles? Feel free to comment below or catch us on our Twitter page. I also want to address our abscence. I have been dealing with financial issues and as well as a down state but have no fear! We are going to be busy these next few days. I also blame not having an anime to watch to review though there are some we are looking at currently!


15 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Gaming: -Is The PS Vita Dead?-

  1. I own a Vita. It’s a great system, but Sony did not learn their lesson from the PSP about memory cards but instead made it worse. Who the heck thought it was a good idea to charge $100 US for a propriety 32 GB memory card when you can get 64 GB microSD or SD for $30 or less?! I mean, Memory Pro Duos weren’t cheap, but there was absolutely no reason to gouge the consumers like this. There are other things that bug me (Vita 1000 non-standard charging cable, location of charging port), but that was their biggest mistake. It’s too bad, as it had great potential, especially since it’s region-free unlike Nintendo systems. At least third-parties are supporting it, especially with visual novels which are not cheap to translate.

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    1. Exactly. That was a bugger on their part but Sony has always done stuff like that sadly. It is great though with the third party support. I would say it is easier for them to develop for it.

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      1. I know, but how did that get past any focus groups and market research?

        “OK, so one of the complaints we had for the PSP was memory was expensive since memory pro duo isn’t used much. So what should we do for the Vita? SD? MicroSD? Stick with pro duo so people can use their current cards?”

        “Dude, let’s make our own new cards that aren’t used in anything else! And we’ll charge even more, like 1000% markup!”


        Scary how some of these executives get jobs…

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      2. Right? XD I like how you put it. Thankfully the price has gone down some.. but you are still putting up near 300USD when you get one. Thankfully the games sell for cheap second hand. Unless it is Persona 4 Golden or Dangaronpa…

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  2. I love my PS Vita more than any other console that I own. It has the best games on it for my style of gaming. Unfortunately there are just not enough of them. Visual novel games work so well on this console or games such as Zero Escape or Danganronpa or Persona.

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  3. I don’t know many people who own a PS Vita or talk about it, but I highly doubt the PS Vita is dead! I don’t own one but I’m planning to get one this year for Christmas because I love the look of the system and its features. And the games they have look really interesting and has amazing graphics! Also, I love handhelds more than consoles and I would like to add another one to my collection. I don’t listen to the people saying the PS Vita is dead. It’s just their opinion and their just basing it on the sales probably. Plus, I also think it’s just the fact that Playstation is highly known for their consoles like the PS3 and PS4.


    1. I would say you are coming in at a good time! They are releasing a blue PS Vita model sometime in November. But it is a very awesome handheld!

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      1. Really?! If it’s that dark blue then I LOVE it!!!!! I cannot wait!! ^_^

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      2. I think it is a lighter blue but it is a blue PS vita.

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      3. Lol I saw when I searched it on Google ^_^ That is the one I want~!

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      4. I might need to do an article on what games to pick up for your new handheld….

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      5. Yeah, that would be great! I’m not new to Playstation (because I have a PS4) , but I don’t know anything about the PS Vita games so it would be awesome for you to make that article ^_^

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      6. I’m just a few months in myself but it is quickly becoming a favorite.

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  4. Nice topic. I don’t have a Vita but I am curious about owning one. I would get it for Sword Art Online or other anime games.


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