Let’s Talk Gaming: -Corpse party-

Made on DeviantArt by InMoeView
Made on DeviantArt by InMoeView

If you never owned a PSP like myself, then you missed out on a golden age of JRPG and Visual based novels. Recently, while scrounging the depths of my PSN library I discovered two PSP games that were in my Library. Never bought either of them, though I do not look a gift horse in the mouth. The one of the two I am talking about was an acclaimed game called, Corpse Party. Dear god, this is like the anime, Another, but on steroids. This game gives you the chills, the creeps and the frights but delivers it all in a nice anime-esque visual based, survival horror. Now I hate horror games, I loathe them so much, I will not play through games like Dead Space nor Alien: Isolation. I just hate jumps. As much as I hated them, Corpse Party delivers it not so much in a jumpy format but in just a horrific way.

Much like the anime, Another, our cast of characters are seemingly thrown into a spiraling staircase of chaos and murder. Rather, in this case, our characters are sent to an alternate reality where an older elementary school takes the place of their current high school. Bearing with me here, this is just my knowledge of the first chapter. and what a chapter it is. Each chapter will have true endings and wrong end, endings. And how you die in these and just seeing all the literature that pops up on the walls, this is such a mature game that I have yet to ever play anything this morbid and dark. Hell, Dead Space doesn’t even have crap on this! Now you wander the game’s map’s like a traditional top down JRPG like system. Though you don’t fight, you do have HP which events or ghosts can then cause damage to you, ultimately killing you. Most of the game plays out through the triggered events and the dialogue options that you get.

While it originally released on PC in ’96, it had a massive popularity spike when it was released in 2011 for the PSP and it has since had a remade verison that released sometime after the first release on PSP simply called, Corpse Party: Book of Shadows. It is the first game just with added bits and more story and lore. While this is a shorter let’s talk, it is one that I wanted to talk about as I cannot explain how enthralled I am with this game. It is literally a must have and whats great, you can play it on the Vita! As well as iOS devices and the Nintendo 3DS (Though I don’t believe this version made it out of Japan…). However the normal price on PSN is a measly 10USD. So if you are looking for a oldie and a great horror game, be sure to give this one some consideration. The voice acting is fantastic, still the original Japanese and the opening is just godly.


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