Let’s Talk Anime First Impressions: -Hackadoll The Animation-

76fa5e3da08b37cbd5c6178997fb28551443649528_fullSo like all things, when ever I see or hear the word TRIGGER uttered in the anime industry, I immediately set out to see what this anime is all about. Not a new anime for TRIGGER Studio but a collaboration on this small little anime called, Hackadoll The Animation. The anime is a rough 7:50 (At least that was what the first episode ran.) and it seems like each episode may roughly be the same exact length for its duration.

The anime, in a rough run down, covers a phone app called Hackadoll. With this app, the user may download its super sophisticated AI program that will physically manifest itself in-front of the user to help with their day to day tasks. Think Apple’s Siri but with a body. These Hackadoll will perform a detailed scan of the individual to determine just what they like and who they are personality wise. From this gathered information they will attempt to help the individual out with their daily lives however, for the case of our main character(s?) they are an un-welcomed entity. It is not clear if the anime will focus on the female human introduced in the first episode, however it may be subject to change at any point and time. Now, being a TRIGGER collaboration, the anime is quite flashy in the fan-service department. Not saying that it is wholly a TRIGGER thing but, the anime they work on tends to be more showy. So, if you don’t like overly-sized chest pieces, you may want to look elsewhere.

hakaFrom what we can tell, the comedy and humor is something that is surely to add up as it continues to air. We do not have a guess or estimate on how long this anime may run, it could just be a 12 episode gig or maybe even a 24 run. It will more than likely be detailed in the coming weeks. As of right now, the anime is sporting a very catching opening tune and a very fresh and sleek art design. Which I have to say, is very nice and pleasing. The colors pop and every character moves very vividly. I don’t see much in the way of sloppy editing or a lack-luster coat. Hackadoll The Animation is set to air every Friday at 10:30 CDT. So that means 8:30 PDT or 11:30 EDT for those of you state side! If you watched this new short, what did you think of the first episode? Do you think it is going to turn into an anime that you will very much enjoy or is it going to be tossed into the dark depths of your refusal pile? Let us know in the comment section below!


2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Anime First Impressions: -Hackadoll The Animation-

  1. I can’t feel blasé or immune to animes that focus too much on ” overly-sized chests. “, no matter how hard I try to ignore them.

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  2. If only “OK Google” could be so useful… Reminds me of My Neighbor Seki-kun with the low runtime.


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