Website Dicussion: -Another Month Come and Gone-

cropped-centered.pngWell, we have another month under our belt and it was an even better month than our record breaking August! So to put it in perspective, we got to our first 1000 View month this past August and have been steadily growing ever since then. I would say it is due in part to our two co-authors who write us some amazing content when they can! It is also due in part to the awesome followers we have! You all help to make this site a success and one that continues to grow with each passing month. So, how did we do this month? We did even better! While we had exactly 1119 views, our likes and comments went clear off the charts! For the month of August we had, 171 Likes and 96 Comments. For September we had, 223 Likes and get this, 222 comments! Holy moon-pies batman! This is an awesome increase to see and one hell of a first September!

tumblr_mocxoucTKW1s4dyyio1_400What is next? Well, we have at least one anime up and ready for review, with some new anime starting tomorrow on Crunchyroll! We will be doing a first impressions video regarding the anime we will be watching, all I can say is that the ever wonderful animation studio Trigger had another collaboration of sorts with another company. So, least to say I am hoping to see the same enjoyable art style that I have known trigger to be capable of. I want to also try to expand our platform a bit more. Since I want this site to continue growing for you all, I need to open it up to a wider audience. Not in the sense that I will be doing different post content, rather I will be looking into doing podcasts or possibly bite size YouTube Videos that I can release every week or so for those of you who may not have time to read a post and would much rather listen to a discussion or at least some form of chat. Depending on how things go today, I may be looking into both options today and may even have something to throw out to you all.

We will try to squeeze in more anime reviews as I want to review more current stuff but at the same time, i have such a back-log of anime I am personally watching that it becomes a bit delicate on what footing I need to place more effort on. Also in regards to our gaming posts, I have yet to work on some due to the simple fact most of the games I am playing right now are taking a while to beat, however I may be throwing up some general reviews on the games overall from my experiences thus far. I am also looking into doing an occasional live-stream from my PS4, as the recent 3.0 PS firmware update rolled out support for streaming to YouTube! So, that is another avenue of approach to look at. I will also be honest and say that my free time may be getting shorter and shorter since, in the the retail world, the holiday season is already upon us and I will be working my butt off this holiday season. I am hoping that it does not interfere with my posting routine but I may just really have to look into batch writing to get me through. Also I know I beat this like a dead horse but you really have to advertise these sort of things but, We are still running our Patreon. I don’t see us whacking it anytime soon, unless Patreon just axes sections that are not doing anything at all… I hope not. So if you are all curious as to what that entails, feel free to click me right here.

Thank you again for helping to make our September a rocking one and I look forward to a hopeful repeat this October! As always, we try out earnest to bring you articles that are worth-while and articles that are unique and stand out. We wish to only bring you all the best that we can possibly give. Thank you all so much for an awesome month! Hope to see you all still here this October.



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