Discussion Point: -I’ve Fallen In Love With a Character Personality-

tumblr_ltu6ovJi1c1qbjtqbWe all have those crushes. Whether it is on a celebrity, a portrayed character or fictional animation. We are human, we draw attraction to other humans whether they are real or not. It is something that cannot be helped. However it does tend to create awkward situations where you may find yourself more in love with characters that don’t exist; enter the stereotypical image of an Otaku or Gamer. We are exposed to countless character types and personalities on a daily basis. Some are more real than others and may give us these attractions of desires of romantic engagement towards personalities of that type. Take for example people who have, ‘Waifu’s’ or their personal celebrity crush. Half will understand that this type of love is playful and only kidding while the other half may see it as destiny or a long and devoted life of faithfulness; or however you wish to color it.

0748081c0a7e8c01eb29562b2f372a0eNow, this discussion is not going to go out of its way to label you, or your friends or your cats as people who like only 2D Men/Women or portrayed characters through acting. We simply are going to discuss just how it impacts us and while it mainly will focus on the rather negative expectations, it will try to at least cover some of the good bits. This may be a bumpy ride but I will do my best to clarify and try to clearly draw us all a picture from which we can take away what we wish to take away from it. Now, to jump into 4th gear, it feeds an unhealthy obsession of finding someone EXACTLY like that said individual. While this isn’t too far fetched for people looking like actors or actresses, it gets ludicrous when it comes to the anime world. Finding someone who looks like an art style is just something that isn’t going to happen, unless they perfect anime like love bots… That is a whole other topic however. This obsession almost will isolate most individuals from ever having something meaningful or happy in their lives. That being said, most often, they are happy. They are faithful to that character and or actor/actress. They may come off as completely odd and weird but, they are just doing what makes them happy. This is not saying that those who take this sort of fantasy to the utter extremes are okay, just the ones who aren’t obsessing their lives over this sort of worship.

Another aspect is what the title suggests. Finding that personality type that you have fallen in love with in an non-existing character. We take these personalities and try to throw them out into the real world. We want desperately to find these characters types in someone that we like and wish to be with. This creates a situation where we are looking for this personality in the people we interact with in hope or expectation that they will act and behave the same exact why that the character we adore does. This is not only damaging to you as an individual but, you aren’t invested in who they are rather, who they remind you of. This creates odd situations and fantasies that are very unlikely to be fulfilled. This being said, there are people out there that have so many diverse personalities that it isn’t that far-fetched. However, odds are they really won’t care for anime or the character in question that you feel they represent. Instead you might learn to appreciate who they are in real life. They might even be better than the personality and character image you had in mind.

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This phenomenon however isn’t bad. It helps you realize things about you that you never realized. You may also try to emulate a personality type that you find attractive or interesting. I know I have had my hand at it when I was younger. Sometimes this could be a very positive change or reinforcement that this particular person needs in their life. It may also be very damaging but it can be just as helpful if not a bit more helpful than damaging. While I am by far no expert in this field of discussion, this particular tick is just something that is psychologically ingrained into us. It is why we name things or try to find human like characteristics in the animals and objects around us. It is why anime and things like hug pillows or figures sell so well; and for other reasons too… We all have that light heart crush or maybe it is a strong affectionate draw. Either way, we all have experienced this for either it’s positive or negative reasons.

Where do you all stand on this sort of topic? It is surly something that is of either a personal nature or a more open, share a bit of a laugh nature. Feel free to let us know in the comments below and if you do comment on a personal note, know that no one here is going to judge you for liking Chii or Hatsune Miku or Kirisaki Chitoge. If you want to tell us on Twitter, tell us on twitter! We love hearing from you all and we look forward to bringing you more discussions like these. As always, thank you for reading!


5 thoughts on “Discussion Point: -I’ve Fallen In Love With a Character Personality-

  1. The new Subway guy who makes sandwiches who works the afternoon shift 2 PM to 6 PM looks like my 2D crush. And, Subway is just across from baskin and Robbins where I do part-time. And I can see him through the glass wall. Holy mother of pink. What a joy. LOL

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  2. That image matches the topic perfectly. Interesting write-up at that, I find myself falling in love with the way anime characters style their hair, actually >.< It's a bit obsessive now that I think of it, considering that I don't even relate personality to characters haha! Maybe sometimes, ooh, such a toughie.

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    1. Thanks! It was one of the first images that popped up in my search. Yeah it is a toughie.

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  3. That Levi picture hahah! Seriously though, it sucks living in an area where almost no one cares for anime and the majority female demographic is clubbing drinker.


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