Discussion Point: -Otaku Vs Sports Fans-

Otaku, fans who love and appreciate anime and the conventions that pop up around them. They will spend hundreds of dollars on merchandise and know most of their favorite anime or manga by heart. Sports Fans, fans who love and appreciate sports culture and the big game day matches that pop up around them. They will spend hundreds of dollars on merchandise and know most of their favorite players and team statistics by heart. Sound almost identical? Well, that would be because they are. From a economic standpoint. From the view of the public and society. Being a fan of Sports is much more acceptable than being a fan of Anime. But, why? Why is there such a divide when they are both practically the same? Do we not find those who have rooms dedicated to this stuff odd or awkward? Sadly, at least in the U.S. there is an on going battle between the bases. However, the argument always boils down to the point of what is considered perfectly normal. Thanks in part due to the acceptance, or reluctant acceptance, of gaming culture, it has sent shock-waves into other areas of life that we would have not even considered talking about. Such is the nature with this discussion.

otaku-figure-collectionA general argument will stem from something like, “Well, if you think having a figure collection of your favorite anime characters is weird, what about the sport fans that have figures and fat heads pasted all over their room of their favorite players?” This is often a simple statement that either side will make in address to the other, however, most sport fans feel like they have a more natural like and appreciation for something that is normal. Is it though? Is it not odd to walk into a room and see it plastered with sports memorabilia that is directed toward a favorite team or player? Or how they obsess over the stats of their player this season and how they feel like they are apart of that team or players life? I don’t know about you but they can be just like some Otaku. That being said, there are still fans who appreciate the art or sport and while they have their rooms plastered, they don’t generally try to make a statement with it. We try to boil it down to a level that we can analyze it at. One could argue that both, or even any fan base, can seem off putting or obsessive over something trivial as gushing immensely over a specific subject. It boils out to an unhealthy obsession or financial risk. The fans however don’t see it as such, which is something that is unique in it’s own view.

Steelers_Room_004These fans do not see their obsessions as unhealthy or odd. They see it as an extension of their personality, their being. They see that money moving towards helping the industry further itself each year. However, in essence they will justify their positions by pointing the finger elsewhere and giving fuel to the, ‘Well, this is not as odd as this’ camp. In long, both sides has a valid point however, that does not necessarily mean that either one is right however. Both are guilty in the sense they wish to scapegoat the other fandom by trying to move public opinion onto them. What we conceive as normal or okay is sadly fueled sometimes by mass public acceptance. If A is accepted then B or C must be as well; however A might be accepted but B is left out. That is more or less the issue that many fans face to this day. We all love the same way, we spend money on items to show that we love the series or team. We show our support for the things or people we admire and love to look up to. So, Otaku Vs Sports Fans? One in the same or drastically different? That all depends on how you see things. That being said, who’s right is it for you to judge someone for the things that he or she enjoys, it may not be real but it is the same respect and appreciation that you feel towards a team or player.

I am sure some of you may be able to relate to this in one fashion or another so, how do you feel when it comes to these sort of stances? Do you think they are right about how odd either side may be? Do you think that they should just stop acting like kids and just learn to respect others likes and passions? Feel free to leave us a comment below or on our Twitter page and if you like what we do here, let us know! We are constantly trying to improve the website in terms of form and function. We do have some new segments planned as well as eventual giveaways! If you want to help us realize this sooner, feel free to visit our official, and optional, Patreon!


6 thoughts on “Discussion Point: -Otaku Vs Sports Fans-

  1. I’ve often compared anime to sports. I definitely think the difference is that sports is mainstream and anime is niche. If you compare shooting (and gun collecting) to, say, LARPing or even stamp collecting, doesn’t the more niche one seem odder by comparison? Even something like coin collecting is more “okay,” but still kind of strange. I mean, every hobby is kind of weird to a non-hobbyist.

    If you really think about it, anime as a hobby is no less weird than any other niche hobby out there. What makes anime odd is that it has a nerdy feel to it. Think of the comic book/ Marvel/DC action figure collector. Or a trekkie. Anime falls into the nerd subcategory quite easily. Nerds vs “Jocks” (athletes) has never really gone well. Nerd culture isn’t totally mainstream, but it’s more okay at the moment, especially in light of the new superhero movies – most people have seen that stuff. But anime is still fringe.

    Thanks for the post! It was really interesting.

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    1. Thank you for reading it! I love these big comments! : D I like your point and wish I had also took that approach in this discussion! Maybe next time however. I am still getting used to writing more formal articles and it is definitely a learning curve.

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  2. Interesting read! Belonging to both worlds, I can say I don’t get why people always need to despise the other kind. I mean, I’m always forced to hide my otaku side when talking with sports people and vice versa… It’s not too bothersone once you get used of it, but still I’d prefer to just be fully me.
    It is true that being a fan of sports is much more commonly accepted than being an otaku. I guess it’s a cultural thing, sport has been there for much longer than anime and it’s more “okay” in the mind of people.
    None is better or worse, in my opinion just like what you want and learn to let others like what they want!

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    1. Eggsactly. It is a bit of a rough spot as we all want to defend what we like and it is just knee-jerk reaction to go out and try to point the finger at another fan-base or odd like out there.

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  3. At the end of the day, I think it all comes down to the culture of the area. Sports are present in almost all countries, but anime sadly is not. In the U.S., anime collecting, be it figures, DVDs, manga, what have you, are becoming increasingly popular, and part of this increase, I think, is due to gaming – the bridge between the sports fan and the otaku.
    I’ve got posters of my favorite anime plastered all about, an growing shelf of limited edition blurays, fan artwork, and a figure or two. Do I watch sports? No, but do I abhor them? Certainly not. As you say, it’s just another medium for people to vent their personality and passion into, kinda like anime. Interesting read! Can’t wait to read more comments!

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    1. Thank you for the comment too! Indeed, this post has gotten the longest single comments so far… .w. It is becoming more and more accepted due in part to gaming, since gaming has popularized sports even more so and the amount of JRPG’s out there are getting those of us to look into more Japanese based culture items.

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