Let’s Talk Gaming: -Why Arcades Rock-

Like all good gamers, we got to give respect for the classics, what better way to do that, by going to an arcade! Not just any arcade, you want to find a place that can give you taste for what our parents played growing up. Here in Springfield, Missouri, we have just that. Head to the downtown area to find a little gem called 1984 Arcade. While they try to focus on providing access to older 1980’s arcade games and pinball tables, they also have a few early 90’s games but mainly items from the 80’s. What I love about this arcade is the simple fact that it provides visitors a chance to relive some of the original games that brought us many modern games today. You get to play games that were considered amazingly advanced and awe inspiring. Hell, just getting to play the original Tron game is humbling enough. Arcades give us that looking glass effect, that ability to go back in time and learn to appreciate some of the finer games.

Some attendees at 1984 enjoying some classics!
Some attendees at 1984 enjoying some classics!

It is a harsh thing to say but frankly, starting with my generation, most kids don’t know what a classic is nor do they appreciate them or understand why they fill us with such nostalgia. It also goes to say that my generation and forward are also the ones that are badgering the gaming industry by demanding more unfinished content year after year and plethora of DLC; of course the big name companies are also to blame for putting tight constrictions onto the developers of said titles. Just go back a few years though, Most of these arcade games shipped complete. There was no DLC or next installment released every single year, it was something that you went to do with your buddies or family when you went out. Heck, for some it was the only time that they got to play a video game. You didn’t come demanding more content or new modes, you came because that was all you got to have. Until Atari would branch out more into the household market and Nintendo would see a rise in popularity. Arcades were really big areas of advertisement for these companies and still offered the best gameplay experience by far; again that is until home based consoles became much more prominent and popular.

IMG_20150926_204015In reality the success of home driven consoles drove the high period of arcades down into the ground and only now are we seeing people take up the old torches and banners and are attempting to try and preserve the good old machines. 1984 is a fantastic example of just that. All machines are owned or are being rented out or even just out right borrowed from owners who want to share their undying love and appreciation for the originals. Now, I have heard some kids whine and groan about this place, “These games aren’t fun! Why do they look so bad? I want to go to Chucky Cheese.” Granted these are mainly self righteous, spoiled kids who think that games like Farm-Vile or Tiny Tower are the jam…. However, most of the kids that go there are excited, they get to see the games that their parents played growing up and it gives them a better appreciation for the games that they play today, some may be spiritual successors to the older classics, while others ma just be experiencing games like Donkey Kong for the first time ever. That is what 1984 provides us and that is what any arcade provides you. It’s that loving admiration and respect for the classics that are becoming lost to the sands of time.

If you happen to be in the Missouri area or even the Springfield area, head on over to the downtown area and pay a visit to 1984! They charge a 7.50USD admission to get in and it’s all you can play. Everyone of the machines, aside from pinball, are free game. If you have been to other arcades like this, let us know in the comments below! If you haven’t been to an older arcade or maybe you have gone to a more modern one, still feel free to share your thoughts and opinions! As always, thank you for reading!

1984 Official Website: http://www.1984arcade.com/


6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Gaming: -Why Arcades Rock-

  1. Used to love going to the arcade when I was a kid. Always played against my mother on Daytona USA, even though I always lost.

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  2. I haven’t played an arcade machine for a long time. I remember playing Marvel vs Capcom 2 and beating the arcade with Captain America, Iron Man, and Hulk. I also played House of the Dead arcade with a friend and we conquered the boss. It was epic and worth the quarters. Ah memories…

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    1. I love arcade machines, so much fun being able to play older classics and the like. House of The Dead is still by far a fantastic Arcade shooter, while more modern, it does has some awesome functions.

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      1. Yeah I agree. You can’t beat the classics.

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      2. Well you can. Just takes a few quarters…

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      3. Next thing it be dollar bills and the key to the house.

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