Anime Reviewer Girl Interview!

cropped-centered.pngWe recently got the chance to talk with the ever amazing Anime Reviewer Girl! Now, this was a simple email based Q&A that we sent them and they just simply filled in the blanks! I suggest you check out her site by clicking on our hyperlinked URL above. You can also find some of her content on YouTube as well! She has a very good charismatic tone and is very calm and collected when talking about what she loves, which I find awesome! I like those that can be animated but she has a very nice calming nature. It makes watching her videos even better! So, onto the interview!

1.) Thank you for allowing us to conduct this Q&A with you! So, to start us off, Tell us a bit about yourself and why you choose to write about anime in particular!

A. Alright well I’m 25 and from California and the reason why I decided to start writing about anime is because I was always interested in wanting to start a blog and with research one of the main things I saw for advice was that you should write about something that your passionate about and know a lot about. So I ended up choosing anime.

2.) Speaking of Anime, what is one of your all time favorite series or if that is too hard, what is a genre of anime you really love? We won’t judge you on the genre, I promise.

A. Haha well one of my all time favorite anime’s is Sailor Moon because it was the very first one I watched so there is a lot of nostalgia behind it. Also my favorite genre is well a top 3 of action, romance, and comedy.

3.) How long have you been writing for your website? Any big mentions that you have had for your site or experiences? Even though the question below addresses your YouTube channel, any big collaborations with your channel as well?

A. I’ve been writing on my website for almost a year and as far as big mentions well just every mention that I’ve gotten and award nomination that I’ve gotten has been amazing and I’ve very grateful for it. As for my YouTube channel I’m working on a collaboration right now and I can’t wait for it to come out.

4.) Aside from working on your website, we see that you also make YouTube videos! How long have you been apart of that and what drew that inspiration in? Any pointers?

A. I actually just started making YouTube videos about a month ago. What made me decide to start making videos is that I just wanted to try out YouTube and see what may happen. Also I wanted to target a wider anime audience on YouTube.

5.) If there is a big motivational factor in your life, who or what has it been for you?

I think a big motivational factor for me is definitely my family (even though many of them don’t know I blog and make YouTube videos) and the fact that they always told me to do what I want to do and just to not give up. Also another big motivational factor is everyone who views my videos, views my blog, or comments and that lets me know to keep going and people enjoy what I do.

6.) Do you have a specific goal for your website? Are you just riding this wave and seeing where it takes you? Maybe this is a job objective for you?

I would love if I could make this a job and who knows that may happen. For now though it is definitely a hobby and something that I like doing to take my mind off of work and life in general.

7.) If we or someone else came up to you and asked you, what would you give as words of wisdom/advice for new or perspective bloggers/vloggers/Website hosts/cats?

What I would tell someone who is just getting started is to write about something that your passionate about and that you know a lot about. Also just be yourself because the worst thing you can do is to try and be someone else or to write about something that you don’t know a lot about.

8.) Anything you would like to say to the people and cats that have supported you and your website? Especially the cats. This is not a cat writing these questions, we promise. Only Just.

I guess the only thing I really can say is thank you!! Thank you for everything and everyone’s support because I definitely couldn’t have gotten this far with out everyone’s help. Also thank you for all your comments on my blogs and YouTube videos. I love reading them and commenting them back.

~Shay (Anime Reviewer Girl)

As always, we hope you enjoy these bits of interviews! I do plan on hopefully adding to and changing the format up a bit. I don’t know when we will get to video based interviews but I think that would be a fantastic place to start off at! Again, thank you so much for reading this and give her a shout out on her Twitter or her official site with this, Anime Reviewer Girl!


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