Website Discussion: -The Financial Situation-

So, rather than drop this later in what is left of the year, I figured I would get a jump on things to help keep you all informed. Starting in November I am going to be in a situation that may make or break how active I am on this website. No, I am not deleting this site nor am I going to abandon it. I may not have much of a presence on this website. This wholly depends on whether or not certain things can change at my current place of work. It is funny that I am now worried about this after having written about a very expensive hobby that fans of anime often get into. Though, I have a whole month to figure things out and I will figure something out, it may just throw a wrench into my plans and outlines for my direct future. I don’t want this to affect what I am able to do in terms of my life or this website. I love this thing to pieces and I love being able to write. I may not be the best nor one of the best sites to frequent but, I love what I do. It may mean I have to get more involved with things, like Podcasts or YouTube videos. There are a lot of options I have to try to help increase my sites traffic.

The last thing I want to do is sell this website out to advertisements and have to force those god-awful, annoying ads on everyone. I mean honestly, those ads are annoying and no one wants to look at them. But for me to keep doing everything that I am doing, I gotta find some avenues of approach. Will my content change? No or at least I don’t want them to change, I’ll do what I can to prevent that from ever happening. I do have a patreon running and while that site is often used by individuals to supplement income, I don’t see myself ever being able to use it like that. It is for the site and the site only and shouldn’t be pocketed at the end of every day. Will I still promote our Patreon? Yes, I will and more because I feel that it will help my site and take some of that financial burden off me. Things like these are picky and annoying to type about or even hear about. I know I always talk about wanting to do this as a job and I feel it would allow me to do so but in the far future maybe, once I can actually write awesome content and can worry less about real life consequences or financial crud.

So, long story short, I am going to be in a big bind that will affect just about everything that I am doing. Which then also affects you, the viewer. You guys/gals are the last people I want this to affect as I know there are some of you who like putting up with this site and my lack-luster writing abilities. If you all have any tips or pointers, please do share them with me. Anything to help me better this website and to better myself. I’ll do my part to not let the financial woes of life creep into this site as well, I may be on a sinking ship but I will do my best to keep her afloat. I know this is goddamned annoying but, if you like what we do and you want to help us, please give our patreon some consideration. It is in no way set up to put money in my pocket. What it will do is allow me to give you all stuff. Things like wallscrolls or figures or anime or cats. The great part is, it is all optional. You can chose to pay what you want and how long you want to. If we are worth a penny, then pay us a penny. It will be put to good use, I assure you! Thank you though for putting up with us and we hope that in a months time that we can still be doing what we love, without it hampering our site and most importantly, you loyal followers and occasional viewers.



4 thoughts on “Website Discussion: -The Financial Situation-

  1. We hope that you can resolve this financial situation. Don’t let the obstacles stop you from doing what you love to do. Keep on fighting!

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  2. I will follow you in time both good and bad, even though my current living situation has me being on my computer maybe 1 day out of the week only…

    …nonetheless, I salute you Captain! To the hours of today and the days of eternity!


    1. Also, like, when it finally cools down here in So Cal my computer won’t overheat during the day so I can contribute more.


  3. I really hope things work out for you because I can tell how much this site means to you guys ^^

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