Like all great anime fans you want to collect some of the stuff that gets made for the anime or manga. You grab the shirts, the backpacks, the purse’s, the posters and the key-chain goodies. There is one more bit of manufactured goods. You have the ever delightful figures. Now, figure collecting is often seen one of two ways… You are a compulsive Otaku or you like the more… flashy ones. There is a very strong stigma towards the collection of anime figures, especially the ones on the lewd side of the fence. However, there are collectors like friends I know and myself, who enjoy the figure collecting on the more tame and ‘normal’ side. We like the cute little nendoroids or the more normal taller figures. There is nothing wrong with the swimsuit model, just be mindful that some figures can get rather… out there. I’m talking to you Kojima and your squish-able breasts on your Quiet figure. But what makes collecting these figures appealing? Well, there are a few reasons.

261990673131_1_0_1One reason is, if we love the series then we will be more than willing to spend a bit of money on that said product. It’s what any good fan does. Take for example my love for Kill La Kill, I got many wall scrolls, wallet and figure that are Trigger branded. We support our favorite shows the best we can, in hopes that money well spent, ends up in the right hands at the end of the day’s transactions. Another reason is just for the love of the figures themselves. A lot of these figures are amazingly detailed and are a joy to look at! Think of them as figures you would buy at American stores or baseball or sports figures but just, anime. The joy of having something from a topic or show that you love is something that is pretty cool and awesome! The other aspect is that you have an immense amount of choice when it comes to picking out a type of figure. You of course have the standard sized ones that we are all familiar with and then you have the wildly popular Figma and Nendoroid figures that seem to be all the rage these days. They are pose-able and customize-able, often coming with several different faces or accessories that can change their mood or action.

117506While not a cheap hobbies by any means, it is a hobby that fills a lot of people with joy at the ability to be able to complete a collection of figures and display them so that others can appreciate them as well. I currently have three figures with a fourth on the way. While I personally do not have any pictures posted, I may share them at a later date since, I absolutely love the figures that I currently own. How big of a collection one has really is dependent on how much they are willing to invest. If you want to get datlof shelving, then you may have to invest a couple hundred in housing the figures you have, it is why so many people often shy away from figure collecting as a whole, not to mention there is a bit of maintenance associated with them all as well. Now, like I stated earlier, there is a lot of stigma tied to those who collect these sort of figures as a great quantity of figures often represent the, flashy side of the anime world and often give others the wrong impression. How does one remedy that? To be honest, it isn’t something that I know too much about myself, since I am fairly new to the collecting world.

So, do you all own any figures? If so, what are some of your favorite ones or ones that you wish to be able to get! If you already have some, feel free to share them below! As always comment on both here or our twitter page and let us know what you think!



  1. I’ve only got two figures: Mami and Kurisu Nendoroids. I mean, I do have this tiny stand figure for Saori (Oreimo), a Petanko Irisviel, and 4 itty bitty Railgun figures, but that’s pretty much it. I vent all of my funds towards buying anime. Gotta stock these dusty shelves one way or another :3

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