Anime Review: -Himouto Umaru-Chan!-

Like all good anime, some must end after only a twelve episode run. The case with Himouto Umaru-Chan is all too sad. Though we can always hope to see a second season in the near future! While for the readers of the Manga, the humor filled, Himouto Umaru-Chan anime adaption was a dream come true. For us non-manga readers, it was a surprise anime that crept up behind us and took us by surprise. The Anime follows the daily life of Umaru Doma & her older brother Taihei Doma. The anime is playful, cute and really funny! I have not seen an anime that can lay on the humor like Himouto Umaru-Chan! It is fresh and plays well to it’s fan-base. Umaru has influenced and appealed to a wider female gamer audience, since she portrays what it is like to be an average gamer, otaku female. That is an awesome thing for female viewers out there! A character that is relatable. Though, that just isn’t for the women of course. Anyone that is a gamer or otaku can relate to her. She lives a double life through out the anime. Here tall, beautiful and exceptionally skilled high school appearance and her short, selfish but lovable, otaku-gamer mode. The anime doesn’t really have a base story-line that it follows, rather it follows Mushi-Shi’s approach by offering episodes that are essentially self-contained but carry over lessons learned or events. If anything, it is about how well her brother can put up with her annoying but still lovable antics.

Animation: Okay, the animation for this anime is super sweet. It’s fresh and bright. It has a very playful side to the animation when it needs it but yet we are mixing chibi, moe and normalish, character designs all into this one anime. It must have taken an extreme amount of patience by the animators for this whole anime. The environments are well designed and there is little to no choppiness or jump to the frame by frame animation for transitions or zoomed out effects. While I do not have a degree in art, I know vaguely what I am at least talking about. I hope. The characters are all very unique and tend to stand out pretty easily. We do have a bit of fan-service in the form of Ebina, and playful random characters like Sylphynford and then the typical male werido, Bomber. Each of them are animated extremely well and have distinct personalities that separate them from every character in the anime. I mean, it may seem like it is something that should be done in any anime but, you often will run into characters that really overlap in personality or motive.

tumblr_nr6paviIq71rbnx7io1_540Music: Make or break, this anime uses a lot of the same character entrance tunes for the anime and thankfully, they do not tire us out or bore us to death. It is pleasant to hear Umaru’s theme or Sylphynford’s theme pop on. You know then something crazy and random is about to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting crowd of viewers. Since the anime only ran for 12 episodes, we get to maintain the always awesome opening and ending! This anime has one awesome ending to listen to and enjoy, all while getting your cola and chips ready for your weekly slice of Himouto Umaru-Chan! Indeed nothing fancy in the music department, just some memorable tunes and jingles that are used excellently and perfectly.

Himouto-Umaru-chan-Character-Visual-Umaru-001-20150514It’s Okay To Be An Otaku: What we see throughout the anime is Taihei, watching Umaru and being frustrated with her in the process. That being said, with the last episode, Taihei realizes that while she may be a lock up, she is still a person that cares and is lovable. While she may be obnoxious at home, she really adds spice to his everyday life. That being said, we all have people in our lives that may be like this. It doesn’t have to be about gaming or anime loving, it could be sports or collecting. We all have those people in our lives that give us something to worry over or to share a bit of concern about. It gives us a pleasant feeling of being around someone that we care for, while enjoying their company. Brother and Sister, Friends, Parents, Grandparents, etc… We all have those people who make us happy and yet also make us want to tear our hair out. In the end though, they are still people that will show love and affection, but in their own, sweet way. This is just my take-away from this anime but we can all take something away from this anime. Whether it is sharing our love for games and anime or just pestering that sibling we care about so much.

Concluding this, I say watch this anime. Even if it seems a bit too cutesy for your tastes, give it a look at, as I am sure you will find something to love about this anime! It has humor that no other anime, maybe Nichjou, can compare to. Actually, it has humor just like Nichijou but in it’s own loving view. It is an unsung ode of affection to the gamers and otaku out there that drive the industry forward and is also an awesome character for all those female gamers and otaku to relate with. For good or bad I am sure everyone’s opinion will differ from how I see this anime. If you watched this anime, did you enjoy and love it? Sad to see it go? Maybe we can look forward to a second season together! Thankfully, there happens to be a game in development for the PS Vita! Whether or not it gets a western release remains to be seen. Himouto Umaru-Chan can be enjoyed and just about every major anime distributor’s site. Feel free to comment below or give us some love on our awesome twitter page! We love to hear and talk to our fans!


3 thoughts on “Anime Review: -Himouto Umaru-Chan!-

  1. Omg, the final episode came out already? Gonna go watch it and come back with impressions. :3

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  2. Okay, back.
    I wish I never watched the last episode. It annoyed the hell out of me and was garbage in terms of story development. Ruined my whole night.
    At first, I hated the show, thought it was going to be another Oreimo. But then it started to grow on me. And now…there are no words for my disappointment.
    I only hope that they ended it like this because there’s going to be a second season. If not, they’re just dick suckers.

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    1. .w. One way to look at it! Sorry it disappointed you : c To me it seemed like it ended on a note of a second season opening. there is after all only 6 issues of Himouto Umaru-Chan out right now so that may be an issue. They probably caught up to release.


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