Anime Review: -Non Non Biyori Repeat-

Indeed, it is finally time for another anime review! This week, we will be having at least two so, look forward to seeing the other one as well. For today, we will be reviewing the second season of Non Non Biyori. It was an awesome run and I have to say I loved this, if not a bit more, than the first season. The second season, Repeat, is essentially that. A repeat of the first year that we got to live with these characters out in he beautiful country side. What makes this season different? Everything. Since a school year can have so much going for it, Repeat takes advantage of this by showing us a bit more of what the girls had been up to during their first year. It essentially gives us a whole new platter of laughs and smiles using the same source material but can still walk away different and fulfilling. We still walk away with the same list of characters that we grew to love in the first season! If you need a refresh on the characters, I will try and find a big group photo to tag all of them in; that way you are able to recognize those favorite characters. What was different about this season? Well, we get a lot more exposure to Renge-chan for sure, as well as more exposure with her sisters, Hikage & Kazuho. While they are not the only character we get to see, we also see a bit more of Candy Store and her relation with Renge-chan.

From left to right. Candy Store, Renge, Natsumi, Hikage, Konomi, Komari, Kazuho, Hotarun & Suguru.
From left to right. Candy Store, Renge, Natsumi, Hikage, Konomi, Komari, Kazuho, Hotarun & Suguru.

Animation/Music: Like with all things, we are going to be discussing the animation quality and artistic aspects of this anime. Artistically, this has got to be still one of the more gorgeous anime out there. I love the locales and landscapes that we often get still frames of, during the anime run. While I did notice a few jumpy sections of animation this time around, it is hardly noticeable in the long run of the anime. The characters have hardly changed, the drawings look a bit more crisp than they did first season but the overall aesthetics remain the same. I noticed that the higher quality of streaming was improved very much so, as the motions and dynamics were super fluid. It was the first time seeing this sort of streamed quality that I was very much impressed by how smooth the animations where. As far as music is concerned, it is thankfully the same, with a few new tunes added in the help give a better flavor and variety. The Opening and Ending’s have of course changed and both sound absolutely amazing!

The Story This Time Around: The story that is hear is more or less still up to the viewers opinion. Since the anime follows a day to day basis of school life, I feel like the episodes are more self contained but they take certain bits of learned information and pull it forward to other episodes, such as Renge learning to finally ride a bike. Which was magnificent. I would argue though that Hotarun is the center of the story, still being someone new to the area and having to adjust from living in Tokyo and now having to live in the countryside. We see her happy and realizing that she has awesome and equally amazing new friends that she can go on several adventures on. She feels at peace and happy almost with this new, surprisingly lively life out in the countryside. In this I believe the theme of this season was venturing out to try brave and brand new experiences. We see this with Hotarun, jumping from a bridge and into a river with her friends, we see this with Renge mastering how to ride a bicycle. Each character sort of has some sort of realization or moment when they go beyond what they were formally able to do. I’m pretty sure there is something in this season that will latch onto you as well. I loved how the pacing is with the season, as well as the first season. It is something of a fun and awesome experience to just sit and relax with this anime.

tumblr_nrhj7oswU71s21xzoo2_500So, if you are just getting into Non Non Biyori, which season do you watch first? Well, you would be fine watching either one first or second. Since each one takes place at the same time, just a preference of what activities they do in the episodes. Being someone who enjoys things in a released order, I would say watch just Non Non Biyori first, then pick up Repeat once you are ready to move on to the newest entry. You won’t be lost story wise at all, which is an awesome bit. I would also argue that both take the same amount of influence from the sourced manga but spread the out via different seasons. Will there be a hopeful third season? Maybe, I would argue that everyone enjoys this series, especially those who enjoyed Nichijou. I know Nichijou is out there but, both have the sort of same feeling, just one is a relaxed country environment, the other a more urban based one.

tumblr_nuohf0qG5K1tlyjpto1_500Did you enjoy the second season? Where you satisfied with how everything went? Or where you like me and wishing that they would run it longer than just 12 episodes? Feel free to leave us a comment below or on our twitter page! Expect to see another review up either late Wednesday or early Thursday on the anime, Himouto Umaru-Chan!


3 thoughts on “Anime Review: -Non Non Biyori Repeat-

  1. I really liked Non Non Biyori (and Repeat). I’m sorry to see it go, and I wish there was going to be more.

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    1. We can only hope so! I know I plan on doing a non non biyori party.

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      1. I would totally attend that party

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