Discussion Point: -What It Means To Say, “I Love Anime!”-

First off, please oh please watch this video, give her lots of thumbs up and support! Anime Reviewer Girl really nailed it and hit that ball clear out of the park. So, the video will be linked here using the typical short code that we use to display videos on our website here. It is only about seven minutes long, so it won’t take up much of your time. I feel like if I didn’t give her the due that she deserves for inspiring this post then, I would be doing a very bad practice!

This article will also tie into our older post on, our very first discussion on this topic, which was a good starting place, although I feel I didn’t really give much in the way of what it means when you declare something along the lines of saying, “I love Anime.” It really is a strong declaration when you go out to somebody and say something along those lines. Of course many will laugh or give you the weird look when you say something as profound as the above statement. When you are talking about a subject, topic, brand or clothing line that you love, you give it your all. You aren’t afraid of letting most know that you like and love something if it seems okay to openly say this. With anime fans, it is often slapped with pessimistic stereotypes and horrid backlash. Growing up in Southern-California, I was exposed to a two sided culture. One that supported anime, due to having high populations of locals who enjoyed it, yet you had the crowd that saw this as nothing more than a child’s cartoon. This argument isn’t just reserved to Southern-California. It is something that is prevalent world wide. It puts many fans into a situation where it might even affect their social life. Just take a second to think about just that fact. Knowing that these ‘friends’ would shun you upon finding out you liked anime. It makes one cringe just thinking about this fact.

Gaming or Anime?
Gaming or Anime?

This however is small and is thankfully a stigma that is going away. Slowly leaving but still leaving none-the-less. It should fill one with pride, joy and happiness to be able to say you love anime! That being said, when you say I love anime, that doesn’t mean you just love anime. I love anime but I also love, Gaming, Reading, Writing, Doodling, Futball. It doesn’t mean I live my life as a shut-in Otaku or NEET. Yes, anime is a primary focus in my life but I love other things. If you can show others that you love something but then force them to see that you also love things they love, then whats the point to pick at you for liking anime? Put simply, there shouldn’t be a reason. What it means to say, “I love Anime” is to show that you support the industry and love it for the stories that are crafted and the lessons that are learned. I cannot tell you how many times I have had to show people that these are not just ‘cartoons’ or children’s shows. That there is more to anime than just tentacle hentai and the 18+ industry. On that topic, we scream bloody murder at anime like, Kill La Kill for having too much fan-service but look at American shows on television. We portray Men and Women in fan-service like ways all the time but no one really ever bats an eye to that issue. There may be issues with anime but there are just as many issues with local shows too.

See, dozens of other people who love anime! Sourced from Anitay-Kinja!
See, dozens of other people who love anime! Sourced from Anitay-Kinja!

I don’t mean to turn this into a sort of rant. I feel like there needs to be more voices out there for the ones who feel like their voice doesn’t carry or can stand out. There are fans everyday who feel stigmatized for saying that they like anime. It could be because of their family, friends, community or general state view. Liking anime should not have to be something we feel uncomfortable saying or expressing. I have been publicly wearing a Gurren Lagann Drill necklace since this past Naka-Kon and several people have commented on how unique and cool that is.

I’m not by any means saying that you should bling yourself out with anime clothing and merchandise just to make a point, find those that can accept you for saying that, who support you and don’t judge you just because you watch anime. You are not changing yourself by saying you love anime, you are not ostracizing yourself for it. You are simply just publicly announcing that you like this as a hobby or maybe even life-style. Bear in mind that If you are like myself and your room is plastered with wall scrolls and commissioned art, then you will definitely get glances and looks. Just show them that your love for the subject is not your only love. I cannot express this more than I already have been. I may think it is an easy subject to write about but for many, this is a subject that is literally hard for them to say or talk about.

So after all that talking I am sure you may still be asking yourselves, what does it mean to say, “I Love Anime”? Simply put it means you are saying you love the subject matter, you love the culture. You love being able to be yourself and still enjoy something like anime. It has an infinite amount of meaning to everyone who ponders this statement. When you express your love for any topic, you are expressing that you enjoy it as much as you enjoy other aspects of topics in your life. You aren’t odd nor are you different. Those who stigmatize your or scold you for liking something as minute as anime are not people that you should be associating with however, when it comes to family that is something more personal and we here at OGZ have no say in that regard! The best you can do is explain to them and show them the difference. I hope this does some justice to our first post and I hope this helps a lot of you, again thank you to Anime Reviewer Girl for giving us a bit of inspiration for this post! Feel free to watch that video above or click on they hyperlinked URL for their site! As always feel free to comment below on your thoughts and feelings or give us a shout on our Twitter page!


10 thoughts on “Discussion Point: -What It Means To Say, “I Love Anime!”-

  1. I see this topic is a big concern for many anime fans. But that’s mostly in America. I don’t mean to offend anyone, but, seriously, America is so fucked up and judgemental. I never had problems with loudly expressing my love for anime and manga to my friends or to people I just met. I mean, I literally listed anime as my hobby is my resume. Anyhow, I don’t think anyone should be ashamed to say they love anime. Like..ever. It’s just who you are, ffs.
    I believe part of the problems also lays in this fear some people get when saying they like anime. It shows. It really shows. And if others are gonna blame you or make fun of you for liking something, why not wear it as an armor? People should be more proud of who they are and what they enjoy. State it clearly. It’s something normal so you should act like it.

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    1. Very, very well spoken. I might just have to paraphrase this into the post I just made. It hits it right on the nose. It is a very big issues here in the US and it makes absolutely no sense at all. .w.


  2. Good for you, sporting that necklace with pride! It’s no different than a sports t-shirt when you get down to it. I think you have the right thinking on these words “I Love Anime.” It’s definitely something easier done than said! XD and I recognize those grounds ~ Naka-kon!!

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    1. Very. And haha yeah, I didn’t know that a member of Kotaku was there covering the con.

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      1. Wow, okay, so who or what is Kotaku? On my DVD here, there’s a quote on the back from Kotaku. They gave a recommendation quote/blurb thing, so how official are they?


  3. It always surprises me how much people secretly like anime. While I’m at work I have lots of people, young and old, approach me and comment on my anime attire. I was surprised when I walked out to my motorcycle one day to find a group of kids (age 10-12 maybe?) surrounding my bike, super excited at the SAO stickers I had on it.

    I actually have gotten some of my coworkers into anime as well, because they heard me talking about it and my shameless self-promotion of my own likes knows no bounds.

    Let’s just say everyone I talked to, except for the poor woman who watched High School of the Dead (because she thought it was about zombies), has a better opinion of anime as a whole.

    …and I also learned that one of my senior coworkers was into 18+ tentacle stuff and I now know a few select titles to avoid showing to anyone I would consider a friend.

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  4. I agree with the idea that if you say you like anime, other people just assume you only like anime. I have lots of different hobbies (some of which that overlap i.e. writing and drawing) but a lot of people ignore that and laugh at the fact that I watch anime and cosplay. Imagine what they’d say if they found out I run an anime blog.


  5. May come out strange or not, but we do not have this kind of problem in Turkey. Of course most parents see it as kid’s stuff and most probably will not approve that you are spending all your money on ‘toys’ and ‘comic books’. However, noone thinks you are a no-life shut in just because you are interested in anime and manga. This may be due that we are not accustomed culturally to link a specific interest field to social seclusion of oneself.

    Though, we have a different problem. This is not unique to Turkey, something I also encounter online. I do not understand why is it so hard to share what we love and we are untolerant towards our different preferences. Anime Reviewer Girl mentions in the video too, sub/dub preference is one example. Another issue is whether to refer an anime in its original Japanese name (Shingeki no Kyojin) or in its English translation (Attack on Titan). Also the same goes in “shipping” area; which character suits another best may end up in “Go die, you piece of shit.” kind of comments. A person who is not interested in the field, of course doesn’t have any idea about anime/manga/gaming etc. but fighting in fandom seems more absurd and I personally consider this as a bigger problem.

    Being a Pokemon anime fan had the prequisite of knowing the 150 pokemons by heart. But I was in elementary school around that time, : )

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