3-Day Qutoe Challenge! -Day 3-

So this last quote will be a bit of an odd post! This was pre-typed on my phone’s wordpress application! I hope there is not much in the way of oddities, as such my phone will not allow me the luxury of doing much of what I want to do with this quote-challenge, so I will be editing this later, for the 9 nominee’s that I get to choose! I am sure we will have some lucky ducks out there! Any way, onto the very fancy quote!

superthumbI like this quote by Izaya Orihara. It means a great deal to me and has a very strong impact on my emotional side. There are countless people in this world but there are only a handful or even just one or two persons, who can make our minds dance with fond memories and longing for them. Just think about this, next time you feel like they don’t see you or matter. It could just be enough that they gave you memories that will last you a life time and longer. As stated above, since I had to get this dished out via my phone, I will be doing an after edit for the 9 nominee’s starting tomorrow. I should also be posting a new Let’s Talk Anime a well. until then I will just have the bottom nominee section blank.

My Nominee’s are!


12 thoughts on “3-Day Qutoe Challenge! -Day 3-

  1. Great quote. It’s very true, though.

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    1. Isn’t it? That and I wanted an excuse to use an Izaya quote.

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      1. I think that’s already a valid reason. Izaya does say some awesome lines.

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      2. One of the reasons I love DRRR! Is how mature the theme’s are and how much they actually trigger you to think about things in a different light. Even if that way of thinking is so skewed from normal conceptions, it still is a thrilling anime to watch.

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      3. Exactly! However, to be honest, I started watching the series just because many of my favourite seiyuu are in the cast. It just so happens that the story interested me, as well, 😀

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  2. So true. I like this quote.

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  3. This one pains me it’s so true!

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    1. So true, that is lands on its mark every time I read it.

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