Let’s Talk Gaming: -Destiny-

Once, in a great while there is a game that will poke at my curiosity. These games, are often surrounded in fuss and gripes from the general gaming community. Whether it is for a specific little light or for just how the length and game plays out. Never the less, i will pick it up and eventually fall in love with it. Aside from Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain taking up my life and time, Destiny has been a game that I did not anticipate enjoying so much. From it’s amazing visuals, to the rather awesome and dynamic gameplay, Destiny is a love child of Halo and the MMO landscape that I find myself mesmerized by. I know this is by far one of the more popular and frankly most unpopular MMO’s around but, for today, I would like to talk a bit about what I enjoy about this game and what it brings to the table in terms of MMO functionality and FPS gameplay.

destiny3Destiny, the word can hold many meanings for us. A goal to reach that has been given to us by a collective of individuals or maybe we are to bring balance to the force. In this game, we are a Guardian. A person, a being, that can interact with the Light of the Traveler and wield it in defense of humanities last safe bastion, The City. You defend this bastion of light and the Traveler that looms above, from the forces of it’s long and ancient enemy, the Darkness. It’s thralls, the Cabal, Fallen, Hive & Vex all press at the gates of the City, probing for any sort of weakness that it may take advantage of. The player can chose one of three playable classes, Warlock, Titan or Hunter to play as in the wide world that is Destiny.

Your adventures will take you to the Moon, Mars, Venus and beyond as you bring the fight to the enemies of humanity and the Traveler. Now, this game does play a lot like Halo. Now, before you all rise up in arms for me saying that, just look at how the fighting usually goes. Lot’s of jumping and shooting. Bungie has only had one knock-out franchise and that fundamental base will stick with them and change over the course of time. That being said, Destiny does add it’s own flare of uniqueness to the mix as you are able to switch between three class types (technically one base class type and two sub-classes.). The weapon spread is also very nice, consisting of Shotguns and shotgun like weapons, Pistols, Assault rifles and machine guns, as well as snipers and heavy ordinance. You can really find a weapon to like, though from what I have seen, some weapons tend to be a bit more coveted than others.

As far as content goes, the story is short, then again it is still continuing to be developed and added on to by the development team via DLC Expansions. Taken King, the latest and biggest expansion to date for Destiny, adds and changes the whole entire system of the game, for the better. Some confusing settings where knocked off and new, shiny, well working systems are added in their place. Gear spread and item drops are tons better, if not too much. I have noted by just doing one mission, I can walk away with more loot than i previously could but I feel that is a bit better, since what we do in the game has been drastically changed. The game really does change after you hit level 20 and it continues to do so until you hit the level 40 cap. Even so, there are strikes, raids and dailies to complete until you are bored or tire of the same quests. Having just capped and beaten the new DLC, I have to say I am really happy with Destiny right now. I have only been playing for roughly a month but I feel like this game has a lot to throw my way. The public events are my favorite and I cannot say much about the PvP system. I really hate PvP, not due to me sucking, rather not being competitive.

kings-fallSo if you are asking yourself, should I jump in now to Destiny? I know there has been a lot of gamers out in the wilds who have pondered if they should hop on the boat. I would whole heatedly answer this as a solid yes. Get out there and hop in. With the change in how the game fundamentally works, it is essentially a new slate for any and all new entries or older ones. For those of you who have played and have yet to hop on and see the changes that was brought with the big 2.0 update, you may be in for a pleasant or shocking surprise. Destiny is available for PlayStation 3 & 4, as well as Xbox-One & Xbox-360.


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