Continuing on with yesterday’s quote post we begin day two! I again wish to clarify that I will be nominating all of my nominees tomorrow on the last post of the day, since it works a fair bit better with my scheduling. I really liked the quote and picture I found for day one. I think they go together amazingly well! So for today I give you all this amazing quote!

maxresdefaultI love the power of this quote. It speaks volumes to myself and surely everyone reading it. It does literally take strength to master others, for overcoming the hear takes so much. One will struggle almost infinitely over it until their strength conquers it or fails at containing it. The power to master ones self is almost as difficult if not more so. The power to accept yourself is something that we all struggle in facing day by day. Just think how much willpower it takes to just convince yourself to do something small or something different. There are those who know themselves through and through and are able to make the tough choices for themselves that you or I may not be able to make. It takes raw power to make motivation and it takes strength and devotion to master others.



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