Let’s Talk Anime: -Our Favorite Summer Anime-

With Summer packing their things and heading for the door and our faithful friend Fall calling us from the airport, I feel like it is time to look back on some of the anime that we managed to watch or cover for our summer run. Now, I know we didn’t review many anime, mainly because the few we are watching are just about ending! So, expect two reviews up next week! But there are some anime that we watched in our spare time that was for our own enjoyment, rather than the websites. However, I still will be sharing some love for some of the anime that we talked about and that I personally enjoyed.

f24f103a10fd45daab2d4754d2e384b71437527434_fullFor starters I was super thrilled to have Non Non Biyori Repeat popping up on my Crunchyroll queue. It was the first season that I was directed to at a friends recommendation and it is from that season that I fell in love with the anime in terms of story and detail. This second season is essentially the first season in terms of pacing but follows our characters on new events and new locales. We even get to see a few new faces. With the season wrapping up next Monday, I feel sad to see it end once more but the recent release of the manga in stores is a sure fire way to keep the love of the series going on for quite a while. Hopefully the sales are enough to help boost interest on a season 3 write up. I have to recommend you watch this one, especially if you love slice of life and Nichijou. While a lot more tame than Nichijou, it is essentially in the same vein. Just in the country.

aae956d1636ef8ad42973eb027ea6f5d1436368907_fullThe other big star for us has been Himouto Umaru-Chan. This anime is by far the best I have seen in a very long while. The humor is spot on and the badgering towards the Otaku-Gamer community is also spot on. She is attractive and kind while about but devious and selfish while at home with her brother. It is a very fresh faced anime and it shines, really does. Each character has a different tune that plays when they talk or enter a room, just so you can know what to expect from them as they move forward. While this is another series that I am sad to see wrap up, I feel like the reception and love for this new anime series will only fuel the manga sales and further merchandising sales. The opening is also a fantastic piece of art that never ceases to keep me entertained.

20130809-donyatsu-wallpaperAs far as the outlying anime, we were impressed with the New Gatchaman series but it didn’t impress us enough to be review worthy. Mainly because I felt that If I reviewed it I would have pulled my heels in the ground for a long time. Though that isn’t to say Gatchaman wasn’t visually stunning and full of like and vibrancy. Other anime that we liked and watched was the premier of the new season of Gintama, you can never go wrong with a bit of Gintama love. There was also the new 2 minute long anime Donyatsu! Roughly it is just the random talks about pastry themed cats that look like bagels or donuts… It is as absurd as it sounds but still maintains a few laughs and giggles here and there. Gate was another interesting anime that takes modern and clashes it with fantasy aspects. It has a decent story going for it but I tailed off after about three and a half episodes. I may go back an revisit this in the fall time but that depends so much on what anime pop up or not.


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  1. I am so behind on the summer season ahaha I won’t be doing a post like this till next week but I haven’t watched any of the shows you have mentioned lol

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