Gaming Challenge Day 30! -Favorite Game of All Time-

That feeling you get when you see the light at the end of the tunnel and it is more beautiful than you could have possibly imagined. Well, not that I didn’t enjoy this 30+ day run of the gaming challenge, I did enjoy how it made me have to dig through my gaming past to pluck out a few gems that I came across. For the final day, we got to choose one, one singular title that has been a favorite game and still is a favorite game to this day. The game I have in mind was on the Playstation one, the PSP, The Gameboy Advance and the Nintendo DS. What is it you might be asking yourselves? Well, it is the amazing game and series, that is Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2: Grimoire of the Rift. The Tactics series has been running since the first Playstation and the last entry in the franchise was on the DS back in the day. I love this game because one, TONS of content that will keep you going for hours and it is a great top down, squad-based, turn-based strategy game that has tons of classes and weapons to utilize.

1879I cannot tell you how many hours I spent on these games and how many I still keep adding to them. It is the reason why I love the game, Fire Emblem: Awakening. These games do not cease to entertain nor do they ever disappoint. There has always been some sort of strategic layer involved with the careful management of what clan members one can deploy onto the field.


3 thoughts on “Gaming Challenge Day 30! -Favorite Game of All Time-

  1. Awww so happy to find a fellow fan, A2 is a game I can ALWAYS go back and have fun replaying. What are your go to classes?

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    1. Dragoon for sure. And I think Hunters and the Gunslinger class. I know I have some other go to. It has been a month since i booted my copy sadly! But I think it is a gem of a game and more players need to give it some love. : )


      1. Oh baby, that jump ability though. I love Illusionist, because you just feel way too powerful. And god I’ve been so swamped lately I totally feel you, but heck yeah! They need one for the 3DS!

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