Okay, anything slice of life or remotely close to it is always a starch favorite of mine. I love them, they make me smile and make me feel like no other. Sometimes they make things seriously, while at other times the atmosphere is soft and gentle. Nisekoi sort of takes the funny, the sweet, the feeling and blends it all into a rather colorful and quirky anime. Essentially the two characters that the anime focuses on, Chitoge Kirasaki & Raku Ichijou, as their forced, fake relationship begins to take a life of its own; the two being a force to stop the gangsters and Yakuza from fighting among each other and causing great hardship. They fumble awkwardly through each day, greeting each other with odd forms of romantic gushing, while wanting to regurgitate the true words they wish to express. Though, the two begin to slowly form a bond of sorts in their daily progress through each day in their little fake romance. It presents some funny and rather heart warming situations that I really have yet to see in romantic based anime. I like how pleasantly this anime strolls through the days of the characters and at the core of it all is Ichijou, desperately trying to find out who holds the key to the locket he was given years ago by a young girl who took his heart. Lockets and keys are very important in this anime.

tumblr_static_8bl6257z18g00gc80k8cwgosoThe art style is something that literally jumps out of this anime and will really draw your attention to it. It’s so bright, vivid and the school and surrounding community reflect that. Each character stands out and gives a wacky, fluid like being to the world around them. Chitoge should be a very familiar face. She has literally popped up in the anime market as a unique character that manages to standout VERY well. She is unique in her humor and is a very well drawn character. Ichijou sort of reminds me a Rin from Blue Exorcist in a way. He is just as odd and reminds me a bit of my personality type. Which is all the better with an anime like this. Being able to relate to a character or two is one of the best things a fan can be able to do.

The music is light and honestly not very noticeable at all. Which means they are doing something right. For an anime along the lines of a romantic slice of life, it does well that the music be subtle and not distracting from the base anime. That being said, I am only 3 episodes in and I am sure there may be moments that cue the music in to provide the emotional balance or impact that is needed to move the narrative or make the audience feel something in response to what may be going on. The opening and ending themes are both very playful and will become a tune that get caught in your brains depository of information. The opening is very slice of life-ish, so it may not be for all casual music listeners.

GJmkwQ4I know that these let’s talks on anime don’t tend to cover much on them and the idea is that it will hopefully poke at your interest. I don’t want to give away too many spoilers, just enough information to throw a line out there and see if anyone bites on it. Some might like this anime, if you like a an odd triangular love pattern, then this is possibly something for you! Have you seen this anime already? Did you like it? Would you like us to possibly review it, if we manage to get through it all… Feel free to comment below or give us a shout on our twitter page!



  1. I haven’t really seen the anime, only the first episode and some funny clips. I have been reading the manga and the series is really funny and cute. I agree with your opinion about the Op and Ed, they are fun to listen to. I never thought Raku was kinda like Rin but you do make a point, they are both weird but likeable characters.

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