Gaming Challenge Day 29! -A Game I Ended Up Loving-

So, you end up buying a game or receiving a game that was one you thought was crap, the reviews for it where crap, the previews you saw looked rather iffy. Upon getting it and playing it you realize that all you thought about this game was wrong and frankly misplaced. We have these games from time to time and for me the game that I received and thought I wouldn’t like was a little gem called Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts. Now, this is coming from a fan of the two original Nintendo 64 games that were simply awesome and amazing. However, with this game coming out and being announced by Rare, I felt rather off put by it. It felt like it wasn’t living up to the original ones that where released before it and the reviews that were coming in on it, let us know that quite clearly. That was, until my little sister got it with her Xbox-360 Arcade bundle. I was shocked.

banjoI realized that I ended up loving it. It had the melodies, the jingles and tunes and charm of the older games. Don’t get me wrong however, I knew this wasn’t the Banjo-Kazooie that I played as a child. It was a lot different from the ones we played and I was reminded of that throughout my game play sessions. What drew me in was how much fun it was to build the various vehicles that you used throughout the game. It was like a very basic version of Minecraft, slapped right into the game. This was the section that drew me in and managed to keep me playing for several months after purchase.


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