Gaming Challenge Day 28! -Favorite Game Developer-

We all have those go to companies for products that we like. Some go for all Apple products, while others go for the Samsung Collection. When it comes to game developers, we all have a few companies that we like to lean on. Why? Because we can trust them to make a fantastic game that we would have no qualms about dropping money on a collectors edition or maybe even pre-ordering it. Companies like these are the reason why we love the games we play. However not all companies are made equal nor do all companies stay with one type of gaming genre. That being said, I feel I can safely choose the company, Bioware. It’s a pretty simple choice when you can see that I have talked so much about Mass Effect and Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic.

633px-BioWare_logo.svgBioware has always managed to maintain that notion of being able to churn out a game that is able to meet fans standards and that keeps on bringing them back into the fold. After Mass Effect one, I pre-ordered every collectors edition after that. I love the games that much. Even with their not so popular titles like their MMO Star Wars The Old Republic, I still enjoyed these games. Why? Because it follows Biowares long and tested formula of making games that appeal and make me feel happy with.


2 thoughts on “Gaming Challenge Day 28! -Favorite Game Developer-

    1. Thank you berry much! We will hopefully fit this in to our scheduled posting soon!


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