Website Discussion: -We Hit 50 Subscribed Follows!-

Yesterday brought us up the 50 mark for follows! Blow the horns, bang the drums, the party is here! Well, as much as a party can be for someone who doesn’t party much. All I can say is that I thank you all so much! There is 50 (51 in total) that support, read and occasionally view our tiny little site! It means a whole heck ton to me, this is something I felt wouldn’t be achieved until sometime next year. It means that we are doing something right here and we must continue on this path. We ran our first poll and will be taking the voted input on that and applying it towards the betterment of this website and all materials within. We want to think of a way to more properly thank you all and we may very well be doing some sort of live recording. I still have not settled on the details of what I want to do for my landmark of fifty. Ideally I would love to do a sort of give away but money…

So, what is next for us? Well, 100 follows seems like a goal to reach. We want to continue drawing in more and more viewers and opening up our borders even more so. More collaborations, more interviews and more content. I understand I cannot account for the pop-ups of life and will do our best to mitigate what we can. We appreciate everything you all have done and engaged thus far. Honestly, getting comments on our material is the best thing every and is one of the reasons I enjoy getting up in the morning. We are also officially half a year away from out next planned Convention, Naka-kon, as well as our one year anniversary! Crazy how time flies. I did not have much in the way of an actual outlined goal sheet when we first started. No paved road to follow. However, I hope to have a much more organized process to follow and in doing that, I hope to be able to provide you all with much more content. We do have two anime reviews coming up after these series in question end their aired run. Then we will have to hop onto new fall content that will start releasing fairly soon. Hopefully our Patreon support page gets a bit more off the ground and can start helping to put some funding into the website so we can start doing a lot more! Though, all things come with time.

We would like to thank each and everyone of you that is reading this post and the many more that we will pen and have penned. It means a great deal to us all here at Otaku Gamer Zone and it will keep us moving ever onward to our goal of being a website were everyone can gather and share in their general love and appreciation of anime and gaming. We are all apart of one amazing community of fans, employees, artists and passionate individuals. Is it a bit selfish in saying we hope that one day OGZ can be at the head of that pack, leading us forward? Only time and support will tell! Thank you once more to everyone who has believed in our little site this far. : ) Also here is some music that we listened to while penning this post! Hopefully it will inspire some awesome days for you all!

To any and all followers, readers or passerby’s, if you would like to comment at least one question to ask Kausus, please feel free to comment below or on our official twitter page! We will be planning some sort of video in the coming days as a way of saying thanks and putting face to the stuff posted on this website. Please keep all questions to a positive note. Any hateful or negative comments or questions will be ignored and deleted >w<.




7 thoughts on “Website Discussion: -We Hit 50 Subscribed Follows!-

  1. Woohoo! *toots horn* Congrats on the big 5-0!!! I can’t wait until this blog becomes even more popular!
    My questions: What to you seems to be the best method to earning followers. I’m not trying to pry, but different factors (content, creativity, kindness, personality, etc.) yield different results for everyone. Also, what was the first anime you ever watched that wasn’t a long running shonen?

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    1. Thank you! :3 and nope, just keep posting content that you love, engage with others and keep them informed.

      The first series I watched like that was Baccano.

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  2. Congratulations, buddy! ^__^

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  3. Also, I’m hyped for the video. Wanna see what face a Kausus has. :3

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  4. Whoop whoop go you GUYS !!!

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