Gaming Challenge Day 27! -Most Epic Scene in Gaming-

We all have those moments in gaming, movies or anime that put us on the edge of our seats, cause the hairs on our arms to stand up and the goose bumps that follow. Those memorable scenes are reasons why we fell in love with the series in the first place. I mean, at least for me, that is the truth about some titles. They can be rated down to hell and back but if it can provide me some substance, then I will at least give it some due admiration for the aspects of the game that genuinely make me smile and feel pumped for the rest of said experience. This is where the first Mass Effect game comes into play. Yes, we have talked about this game quite a bit but there is a reason for that, it is a freaking amazing game series. Your views on the plot hole filled third entry aside, you can’t deny how awesome this game was and still is. The scene that really makes the hair on my arms stand tall is one of the last Paragon options you get in the game. That is, choosing to save the Council by calling in the System Alliance fleet. Here… I could talk more about this but a video would do this more justice. Scene begins at 1:18.

The funny thing is, humanity in this game is displayed as a brutish race that only fights for it’s own expansion and is often distrusted by the larger galactic community. In this moment they realize that humanity’s brutish force, is the one thing that saved them. What is even more funny, is how pumped I was, seeing humanity finally shine through and prove that we will stand in the face of countless odds and still triumph. That is, this is a video game and has no effect on our daily lives… A bit awkward when you realize a game is doing this. Hell, it isn’t just even this scene, it is also this one from Mass Effect 3 that makes me giddy.


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