Gaming Challenge Day 26! -Best Voice Acting-

Much like in the anime world, dubbing or voice recording in gaming is crucial, especially if you want players to feel engaged or if your narrative needs a recognizable name behind your product. We all love Steve Blum but, all we hear in games are Steve Blum, no offense man! Love your work, you just happen to be very over used. But when you boil it down to what game has the best voice acting by far, this becomes rather complicated for us. I frankly have  never looked at a game for voice acting purposes. I mean, I have noted things like hearing the same voice actor/actress time and time again but I never really stopped to think, ‘wow, this game has great vocal work!’. This time I hope to change that around.

kotorThe game we are going with is Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic (KOTOR for short). This game has some of the most memorable dialogue and frankly, some of the most varied voice acting I have heard. We could have easily went for the new Dragon Age game or the Witcher 3 but, I felt that KOTOR really shined in this department. Especially with HK-47, he had some of the most humorous and quirky dialogue I have seen in a character and it is only out shined by the plethora of talent in this game. Frankly, I don’t understand why I have not been looking at games in the sense that they can have some absolutely great voice work.


1 thought on “Gaming Challenge Day 26! -Best Voice Acting-

  1. Love it when you play a game and you recognise a voice actor in it. Btw have nominated you for the one lovely blog award on my blog. 🙂

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