Let’s Talk Anime: -Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Volume 2-

This will be a continuation of our original article a month or so back. And also since I was sick and have been mentally spacey, I totally forgot that I originally did an article like this before, so instead, treat this as a continuation of that Let’s Talk! too late to turn back now after all this input! : D This one though, focuses more on the art and meaning that we got from FMAB.

tumblr_npcfb0jhBj1tmwhb4o1_500Once in a while, there is an anime that will make us so enthralled by it that, no matter how many times after that, we can still watch it. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (FMAB) is one of the most amazing dubs and one of the most thrilling anime I have watched. From the character progression, to the humor, everything just falls into a nice and cozy niche category. While, it isn’t a prime example of a fantastic anime, this one for us at least, is. The story of FMAB follows that of the Elric brothers, Edward and Alphonse, on a quest to recover their bodies after trying to bring their mother back to life with alchemy. On their journey they will meet an array of odd and unique characters, all of whom help them further along the path. They will counter great adversity, in the form of perfect beings called Homunculous. The fights will test their resolve as they begin to uncover an unsettling reality in their search for the grand elixir. The Philosopher’s Stone.

The art style of this anime is of a different category. It is rigid, structured, yet playful in it’s form. It truly has a unique stylized design and it speaks volumes when you get to see the characters develop and grow through out the anime. The character art is another lovely aspect of the anime. Each character has a way they standout, from the Elric’s to Shao May. I wouldn’t say it is a realistic depiction, so much as it gives a much more developed and pleasant feel from what we are used to seeing when it comes to anime.

c61c523b42312c60a7ded59f05eff5b6Okay, can I just say, while most of the music is used quite a bit in an almost repeated loop, the song composition is just so much more powerful when coupled with this anime. It can cause joy, sorrow, anguish. It compliments the animation so much more that, it would almost be a bland anime without it or if a different composition was put in it’s place. The anime also compliments it in reverse. it almost feels like moments in the composition were fueled in part by the animation quality. Maybe the animation team and music director had an inside gig… Who knows. The Openings and Closings all are freaking amazing. The most memorable opening tends to the be the first one. Again by Yui, it has to be one of the best openings I have seen period and most would agree. I personally enjoy the fourth ending them, Shunkan Sentimental by Scandal. I had listened to them well before the anime and was pleasantly surprised when they popped up at the ending of the first episode rocking the new opening and endings.

The overall theme for this anime is very rough. It is a theme and struggle we all push towards with every passing day. We want to be with the ones that we love, we want to do all we can to bring those we lost back. We lose a bit of ourselves in the process but we keep standing up, tall and proud on our own two legs. We may need some assistance sometimes with getting our footing but, it sometimes always works out for the best in the end when we have so many supporting us and cheering us on. It really is an awesome anime that details the struggles we all must face against outside forces and those that have been born from our own being. We also must realize that what we do and who we are as beings are all inter-connected by strings of fate and truth. One reaction will incur another. We are energy in a cyclical, recycled pattern of being. I remember watching this in Anime Club and feeling that I was unjust as a kid in telling my friends how lame this anime was and how odd it was. After watching it 3 full times, working on my fourth right now, this anime keeps throwing new themes at me. Such as the things that our parents do for us. We may think otherwise, but they will never forget us nor leave us to our own devices. They are always there caring and supporting us in our goals and motives. When dealing with the Homunculous, we get to peer into things that we often take for granted. Seeing Wrath, Greed, Envy, Pride, all of them had such emotional realizations or fulfillment’s upon their deaths. I think everyone personally felt something at Greed’s true death. We can all relate somewhat to him at least.

New_ling_saves_greedSo, as stated up above, this is a continuation of our other post; and also because when you are sick you don’t think straight and end up writing an article about something you already wrote! Lucky us, that we caught this before it was published and wasn’t treated like a continuation. Awkward.. If you have not watched this version, the difference between FMA and FMAB is simply that FMAB follows the manga closer than the original animation, you can catch it in full on Funimation’s website! You will need a subscription to access it! Did you like FMAB? Or do you like the original story that FMA presented? Let us know in the comment section below and on our Twitter page! We again apologize for the lack of content yesterday, illness is no joke and you should always drink lots of liquids and get ample amounts of rest!

Funimation: http://www.funimation.com/shows/fullmetal-alchemist-brotherhood/home


16 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Anime: -Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Volume 2-

  1. Both series have their merits. It’s not one of those cases where one is clearly superior to the other. FMA has the early emotional impact, FMAB has more impact towards the middle/end.

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    1. Very well put! I’ll take your word on that since I have to even watch the first iteration… .w.

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  2. I’m not sure about FMA, because it seems this version is totally unfinished, or maybe Netflix doesn’t have the ending. FMAB is my choice, of course because it has a good ending, though a bit rushed. There’s no real and meaningful interaction between the brothers and their father.

    In my opinion, the only real villain in FMAB is the so-called Father.

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    1. I know Netflix, for example, lacks the whole last season of FMAB so, I wouldn’t be surprised if it felt incomplete. I use Funimation’s site directly for FMAB or FMA.


      1. You’re right. I did get to watch up tp the end on YouTube. We do have the complete manga here at home. FMA and FMAB are totally different, aren’t they ?

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      2. Yes. :3 FMA is an original animation. Fmab follows the manga.


      3. I haven’t read the manga ,( it’s my brother’s collection, ), but for some reason, we don’t have the anime dvds. I didn’t bother to look for other episodes of FMA. My brother says FMAB does indeed follow the manga and that’s what I should watch instead.


      4. I say watch what you want. : ) I will be honest, the voice work is a lot better in FMAB, since they already have the roles established. : 3 Though some like the originality of FMA.


      5. Crunchyrol l isn’t free, right ? My bro says Hulu has 20x more animes than Netflix, but I’m sure Crunchyroll has more. I don’t know which to spend my money on, Hulu or Crunchyroll ? Any suggestion ?


      6. Crunchyroll is totally free! You get advertisements on anything that you watch. However, for just $6.95 a month, you can get premium access which gets you access to all Anime, including simulcasts ( You get anime roughly an hour or so after they air in Japan), get Japanese/Korean Drama’s and access to Crunchyroll manga. Hulu has been doing a lot better in the anime department for several years now. They do have a partnership with Funimation so you can get anime like FMAB but their membership is 7.99 and still has advertisements… 11.99 gets you ad free stuff. Alternatively you can also go to Funimation’s website and pay like 7.95 for an all access monthly pass. I may just have to do an article about the sources I have used and what other ones are available! Sorry to make you read all of this!


      7. Can I watch Crunchyroll on TV ( big screen ) ? I assume I can read manga only on my computer, right ? I’m willing to pay up as long as they pay the publishers and the authors, too.


      8. Crunchyroll has apps on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox-360, Wii U, Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, PS Vita and all mobile devices. So, one way or the other you would be able to watch it on T.V. aha. The subscription pays for running the website, paying the companies for the licensing costs and then also goes to the developers of said anime, manga or drama.


      9. That’s good then. I ‘m happy Crunchyroll has apps on PS4, which is of course connected to the big screen, so watching animes will be awesome.

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      10. Awesome, awesome : 3 The app is pretty nicely laid out!


      11. Also, I will now be doing an article covering the various choices you have when it comes to streaming anime. : 3 I don’t know when I will get it posted but it will be sometime today! Thank you Renxkyoko for a post idea! : D


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