Let’s Talk Gaming: -Dragon Age: Inquisition-

You wake, standing accused of murdering one of the most beloved and adored characters in Dragon Age Lore and you must fight to restore belief in you. In doing so, you being to unravel things that go beyond your control and understanding, eventually leading to many others following you and supporting your cause. You now helm a powerful Inquisition, searching for the truth in the face of a crumbling world. Enter Dragon Age: Inquisition. The third entry and the most impacting one at that. The world of Thedas crumbles between the destructive Mage vs Templar war and with the loss of the Divine and an even greater threat emerging from the depths, the world turns again to the players to help recover and restore some sense of order in a world that is beginning to seem over ran with fear and loss. The game opens us up to a feeling that Dragon Age is about to go in a brave new direction, while still maintaining our favorite bits and pieces about it.


The game looks phenomenal on the new consoles and is one of the most detailed Dragon Age games out there. There are bits of lore to find and pick up from the vast maps you can explore. Many of these maps will continue to provide the player with dynamic content and quests that they can peck away at while moving on with their inquisition. In these maps the player may also gather and harvest resources from the environment and then use those gathered bits to craft new weapons, armor and potions for their party to use, as well as upgrades for the main castle that the inquisition garrisons. You may also find useful characters that the inquisition may use to help bolster its ranks and power in the area and on missions. Your party characters are also helpful and dynamic and can quest specific goals for you to complete on the map; such as destroying red lyrium deposits. These quests will often open up new dialogue options and new events for you to partake in, romantic or other wise just normal quest routes.


The game plays very much like the first game, with a bit of the second’s mechanics. Jumping is a feature that allows you to traverse the landscape and the tactical over head mode, bring you a Dragon Age: Origins type feel to the player experience. This game really shines in the stable controls and the content it brings. I remember playing through the first Dragon Age entry like it was nothing. This game, it really brings Bioware back to a time when the games they made felt long and stuffed full of content. Think back to the days of Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic, where the game literally took ages to complete, maybe even Dragon Age’s… This is what this game brings to the table and with it’s character interactions, it feels like a sturdy and sound game that can take a good play through to fully find every little nook and cranny. The completionist inside me loves how much this game has to discover but the casual in me cringes at how much time actually has to be put into finding it all. It’s precarious at best.

You know we like our compositions and this game does not fail to impress, immensely. The soundtrack is lovely as much as it is emotionally impacting. Sure, one moment in the game seemed pretty cheesy for a kumbaya but the rest of the game is solid in the song choices and it makes you feel inspired just playing this game. It also gets you at the heart of this games religious setting. It is really bringing the meta to a relate-able level for many gamers and for those who aren’t necessarily religious. It provides just that much more exceptional lore to a world that seems almost living now.

We may or may not review this at a later date since the game still has yet to be completed for us… Have you all played this amazing game yet or is it not your cup of tea? Is there another game like Dragon Age that makes you excited for a new entry to pop up? Maybe you also enjoy the Witcher 3? Feel free as always, to comment below or let us know on our official twitter page!


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