Gaming Challenge Day 24! -Favorite Classic Game-

Well all know about the old games. From Donkey Kong to Gauntlet. Just about everyone has a game that they love and cherish. Most of these games ten to be classics and most have a long standing following. Being a kid and growing up on still remembering the Sega Genesis and the starts of PlayStation. But for us, our classic game is a bit of a Nintendo 64 gem. The game in question, Jet Force Gemini! Now, for some freaking awesome music!

If that doesn’t make you freaking pumped then go to your closest now. Just kidding. Only slightly…. Jet Force Gemini was my first N64 game and I have to say i loved it. The graphics were amazing, the gore was glorious and I did not know jack squat about the story or what i was even doing in the game. All I knew was that there were bad bugs and optional ewok like teddy bears, that you could kill, called Tribals. This game for the time was something else entirely, a beast in it’s own regards and was only recently brought back into the lime-light in the Rare Replay Bundle on Xbox. This games control scheme is.. well, it doesn’t make much sense or hold up at all to today’s standard but it was surprisingly easy to play as a kid… Why did this wealth of gameplay tactics become lost upon me? Maybe dual-analog is the lazy fiend? Who knows!


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