Gaming Challenge Day 23! -Game With Best Art/Graphics-

Seeing as a great many argue over the minute scale of which has the best graphics, I feel that this post may solely reflect on the art style of a game. We will still talk about overall graphics, though not as much. For us, a game with a fantastic art direction can make up a great many things within a game. Not everything mind you, just enough to make you sit back and really enjoy it all. The game I will chose to go with is the new release, The Witcher 3. Now, I read the books and knew about the series for quite a while. I had never gotten around to playing the game adaption of those books. I dabbled a bit with the first one after a steam sale and wasn’t too impressed. Come the third entry however, that all changed. The games concept art and final art style was stunning and breath taking. While more for the mature audience, in more ways than one, the game features a delightful fantasy setting with many amazing creatures; many of which are rather grotesque, compared to what we are used to seeing. The world of the Witcher is dangerous and as such there isn’t colorful fauna like we are used to seeing rather a dirty, ugly version that really fits this game well.


Now, graphics are absolutely breath taking and really show what the platforms can do. Yes I play this on PS4, no I am not going to give a luxury to state that this version is better over PC or Xbox One. Irregardless, this game shines and the sad part is, this isn’t even the full potential of my PS4, Imagine some games further down the line will fully be able to tax an stretch the console to its absolute limits. For the now, the Witcher 3 has to be one of the best looking games I have come across. Getting lost in a forest has never looked so beautiful or following a beaten path while watching a setting sun has never given a more beautiful canvas.


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