Let’s Talk Anime: -Blue Exorcist and The Impact It had On Us-

Starting my first semester in college, I wanted to do thing differently from high school. I wanted to do anime club and I wanted to finally have a job. I did both things. Thanks to Anime club I was shown Crunchyroll, I was shown a great many anime I never thought I would watch. I also realized how much I hate obnoxious anime club members… That is a different rant however. One of the co-current anime we watched in that club was, Blue Exorcist.


I had never seen an anime like it. It felt like a fighter anime but also had comical value. The most I had experienced was Naruto when growing up. I had watched movies like Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle, but nothing like a proper anime series. Blue Exorcist is, in rough terms, a show about two bothers who are offspring of Satan and one has openly visible demon features. Both end up becoming exorcists to fight demons. Long story short, this anime colored me impressed and was one of the first anime I finished watching on Crunchyroll and would be the foundations for an ever growing list. It truly was the first series I watched through and through and the first series I chose myself. We had a list to vote on and in truth, I didn’t vote for it but, I’m still very glad that it won me over in the end. That was one great moment and why I am still thankful I at least did a year of anime club.

Blue Exorcist had much more going for it, other than influencing me. It has amazing art, amazing music and amazing voice actors/actresses. With 25+OVA, this anime has a very nice cushioned run and will not be something that is dull or boring. The humor is classy and spot on. There are some fan service moments but, what anime these day’s doesn’t at least include some bit of fan-service? Mephisto has to be one of my favorite characters and is quite dynamic in the character department. Talking about this anime makes me regret not giving it some love in the 30-day anime challenge that I recently completed; that and many more that I wish I had touched on.


One of the more prominent things that I loved about this anime was the story. To be honest, as much praise as I give other anime, there is something or some aspect of this anime that really makes me thrilled about it and constantly re-watching it. It is just so well thought out and thrown out there perfectly for the audience to chew on. So many jabs and tugs, that one wonders about the many meanings and lessons that are given out through the anime. We don’t want to talk much about the story details, as we would want you guys/gals to experience this anime for yourselves. It really is a special anime and a fantastic one at that. All the characters have a quality you can fall in love with, cry over or hate. There is at least one character that someone can latch onto and relate with. I loved being able to find a character to connect with in this anime. This anime has power in both story and characters and is just over all brilliant and visually beautiful. The feels are also very real in this anime and can have some tear jerk moments.

Another long story short, this anime drew me into what the world of anime could truly look and feel like. It would be why I use Crunchyroll as my primary sub. It’s why I enjoy watching anime and reviewing/talking about it all the time. It was a brave leap into the culture of Otaku pool and would leave me feeling the ripples of that splash for many more months and years to follow. These ripples would eventually lead to me making this website. While, it may have not been that impact, it was for a fresh face college student who didn’t know what their passion or drive would be for the next few years. I love anime, I love that I gave Blue Exorcist the chance I did back in that first semester.

What did you all think about Blue Exorcist? Where you enthralled with this anime yourself or was it a bit odd for your taste? I know some religious Otaku were put off a bit by it’s themes and meaning but how did it make you feel? Fiction will be fiction after all. Feel free to give us a comment below and as always, thank you all for the support! We are almost at 50 subscriptions to the website and are only halfway to 100! We will have to think of something amazing and special to do! As always, thank you and we hope you continue to enjoy our articles!


11 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Anime: -Blue Exorcist and The Impact It had On Us-

  1. I seen this anime in Toonami and I enjoyed it. I really the intro and ending music.

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    1. It does have some amazing music..


      1. The characters are also great. I like the brothers and Mephisto. Mesphisto is funny and Fujimoto is really cool father. He loved his sons even if they had demon blood.

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      2. I need to see the OVA and the movie.


  2. I’ve just begun watching this anime, and I’m already hooked!

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      1. Yes! It totally is! πŸ˜€

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  3. Yep, here’s another show I still need to watch. But interesting review! I’m glad you gave a club a shot, as it’s not an easy task to follow through! Happy it all worked out for you, and even more so that it had opened you up to the vault of anime, Crunchyroll. I’ll definitely be checking this series out soon :>
    And ooh, almost at 50! You’ll easily surpass that milestone hehe

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  4. I liked how the relationship between the brothers was built right into the plot. Not as excellent a series as Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, but solid execution πŸ™‚ Oh, the OPs for Blue Exorcist were a major plus as well! πŸ˜€

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    1. Totes! Still was a great dynamic though. Could have used a bit more time like fmab but ehh, still great.

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