Gaming Challenge Day 22! -Sequel That Disappointed Us-

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While it didn’t wow us, Fable 2 still had some amazing visuals and character customization!

There is rarely a game sequel that will rub our impressions wrong or make us feel like we lost the original game that we loved dearly. The one standout to this, that we here can think of, is Fable 2. I loved the first Fable game for the original Xbox. I put A TON of hours into it all and it was so addictingly fun. Then the second one came out and had a lot of promise and expectation behind it all. Due to both it’s creators grandiose sayings and high fan expectation, the game was floundered well before it even released.

Now I understand that many enjoyed Fable 2, a few of my family members among those that do. I played it too and still liked it. It just was rather disappointing. I have played every fable game out so far and each one, the third being an exception, have been worse and worse. I wish that they were able to pursue their creative visions with this series but, unfortunately they weren’t fully able to realize these ground breaking mechanics and so on. So, this makes our list for the gaming sequel that disappointed us the most. What game(s) did you all have in mind? Any ones in particular that made you feel like you lost the spirit of the first game? Or maybe this sequel was better than the game that fathered the series? Let us know in the comments below!


7 thoughts on “Gaming Challenge Day 22! -Sequel That Disappointed Us-

  1. Years ago, I bought the PS1 Final Fantasy Chronicles. LOOOOVED Chrono Trigger. Then in the manual, “Play the sequel Chrono Cross!” Was so excited to buy it. I hated that game. Maybe if it wasn’t a sequel I would have enjoyed it.

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    1. I haven’t played that game unfortunately. But yeah, I hear that is the consensus.

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      1. “Let’s make a sequel to a great game, take out all the fun parts of the game and instead make the story completely confusing, add about 1,000 party members, plus make the world involve two identical maps to make it easy to get lost! It’ll be great!”

        Yeah, you didn’t miss much.

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      2. Lol so true. I just got done watching my brother play this game, and despite the massive headaches I’d get (damn you, Lynx) I still found the overall tone rather enjoyable. As an individual game (and from seeing Cross first, Trigger second) I thought it was more than alright. But as a sequel, yep, nope. It’s nice to hear a fan fan from the franchise talk about such an old game, and it’s a coincidence I just finished it over here!

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      3. Hahaha, perfect timing. 🙂

        For me, playing it once was more than enough. I’ve even rewatched parts on YouTube to check some things, and it still gives me a headache as well.

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      4. Same. I believe it was Lucahjin on YouTube whom we watched from in times of trouble. She’s one of my brother’s favorite YouTube gamers. ^.^

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  2. So my sequel isn’t necessarily disappointing, just that the series needs a third. Talking to you, Megaman Legends. When will he ever get off of the moon? Probably never, considering that the turn of the century hype project was cancelled due to “spending too much time on Easter eggs.” Ugh! Just give me a conclusion!

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