Lynlynsays Interview!


We recently got a chance to talk with the amazing site that is Lynlynsays! Our interview was purely a Q&A session that was private and discrete. No needless name exchanging or anything else was asked for. We simply wanted to sit down with writers and have the chance to chat with them about why that it is, they do what they do. We all love anime, games, etc… but we all have our different reasons and passions for that! So, enjoy this interview! It won’t be that long but it should be a nice introduction to Unotaku, if you are not familiar with their website. A link to their site will be provided below. Do give their website a look! You will be very impressed! On to the Q&A!

1.) What got you into writing for your website? Was it a desire to fill a niche or more of a burning desire that you have long wanted to try out?


It started out as a whim, really. I read a lot of novels and manga as well as watched a lot of anime, but I never had an outlet to talk about my feelings and opinions about what I read or watched because my friends and I liked different things. Through a blog, I was able to put my thoughts out there and was also able to find other people who are interested in the things I liked.


2.) I’m sure you love what you do! Is there ever a day that you question if you still feel like doing this? Or maybe you feel like you just hit a wall and don’t know what to do?


Yes. Sometimes I question why do I care so much about writing a post. I mean, I don’t even get paid for this even though someday I wish to make a career out of writing. I also don’t think I am good enough to be labeled as a writer yet. I asked this rhetorical question to my friend, and she said it is because I am passionate about it.


3.) How long have you been into anime or games? Do you identify with the Otaku culture?


I don’t play video games. I never had an interest in them while growing up.

I’ve been watching anime since I was four years-old. At the tender age of four,  I knew that Sailor Moon was not an American cartoon, but a Japanese cartoon. Sailor Moon first aired on to American channels before Toonami even existed. I was pretty much “in the know” about anime before it became popular and every kid in my school knew about it.

I don’t identify myself as an “otaku” or a “weeaboo.” My roots may have started in anime and manga, but it has developed into a more sophisticated appreciation towards Japanese culture. I actually enjoy reading modern and classical Japanese literature, and I also became interested in studying other languages and cultures.


4.) What do you do for fun outside of writing for your website?


I have real 3D friends, and I hang out with them.

5.) Speaking of fun, do you go to conventions? Have you done cosplay also? I hear it is a lot of fun but requires a bit of forethought and planning. Especially if you hand make it.

Yes, I do. I go to one particular convention every year (I mentioned it on my blog). I never done cosplay before, but I kind of want to, but it takes a lot of time and patience to plan and what not. However, my friends and I were talking about doing an easy group cosplay someday.


6.) Would you ever think of running and managing your own convention? Just theoretically, of course.


Sure, why not. I think it would be a lot of work, but rewarding at the same time.


7.) If someone told you that you gave them inspiration to pursue their dream as a writer, blogger, vlogger, etc… what would you say in response?


My response, “Oh wow…me? I didn’t think people read my blog.”

And then I would say, “Thank you very much. But I am nothing special, I am just like you trying to make a place for myself in this world.”

8.) Since we will be featuring this interview on both sites, anything you want to say to your fans or prospective followers? Any awesome words of encouragement?

Dear Readers & New Prospective Followers,

Thanks for stopping by and reading some of my stuff. Like I said countless of times, I really don’t think what I write is that great, and every time I post something, I don’t really think there is anyone who would thoroughly read it. Yet somehow some of you do actually read my stuff and like it, so thank you.  Also if you haven’t, you should follow me on Twitter or Facebook. Maybe, we could have a small chat sometime. I mean I am a decent human being, or at least, I like to think so.

Lynlynsays Official Site!


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    1. I think something from a 3D printer? .w. Maybe, Lynlyn can clarify.

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    2. They are real living breathing friends. They cry, smile, and laugh. I can talk to them on the internet or in-person. They are a rare find these days.

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