Website Discussion: -Possible Application for WordAds/Patreon & What That Means-


So, this has been biting at me for a while and today, I will be possibly an application for WordPress’s WordAds program. I doubt I will qualify but, this is a path that we have been moving in for quite some time. What does this mean for you the viewer? Well, not much. WordPress is a free site that allows you to make a blog free of charge. They will and do run random ads on free sites, to help cover the costs of the free program. Most of these ran ads are usually off point with the website and will more often than not seem out of place. With WordAds they will tend to be more focused. How focused? I have not the slightest clue but, more so than what is currently already featured. If I had to guess more than likely name brand stuff, such as Honda or TED related items. So, it shouldn’t be anything that you are not used to and I am hoping that is does nothing to interfere with the reading experience you may already be having.

What this means for us? Well, a lot actually. It means we get revenue for the ads ran, we get to use that revenue, how little it is, to then start funding our website growth. Won’t that mean your site is becoming just something to earn money off of? Well, in a sense, yes. I want to work for living off my website. It is a goal I want to be able to reach. The other side of this is simply that my job has been cutting hours like no other. So, I got to try and find ways to help supplement lost revenue income. I know monetizing a site is sometimes questionable and I know I may lose followers, following this post. Trust in what I say that Otaku Gamer Zone, will not become something less or more. It will continue to operate as it has for the past year and a half. I have a lot I want to do for this site, for you the viewers and it all costs money. I will be talking more about my future plans in an upcoming interview post that will be shown on a website in the near future. It isn’t anything big but, it will help give pavement to my vacant lot. It just concerns me that my main job source may very well be affecting this site down the future path and it worries me. I don’t mean to turn this into a post about money issues but, I treat this website not as just my website but, everyone that is reading this, website. My dedicated and loyal viewers do help in which direction this website goes. It is why I am starting to run polls for the website.


I have also considered the option of running a Patreon account. That would be a more direct source and it would be controlled by the fans and followers. Though I would never ask anyone openly to support it. It feels too dirty for me but it is an option to look at when wanting to help write and discuss towards working full-time on a website. This all is new to me though and I feel a bit lost in my footing and where I want to go.

That is where you all come in. I write because I love to. Not because I have to rather, because I can. Anime and gaming are two passions that I love dearly and want to continue to cover no matter what. If Otaku Gamer Zone went with the totally optional Patreon account, how would you all feel? Keep in mind, this would not be something we force you to chose. Only if you loved us enough to support. I don’t want to flood my site with advertisements and that is why I am only possibly looking into wordads. Either way, you know I love to hear from you guys and gals and I highly value all of your opinions and wishes! Let us know what you think in the comments below. And thank you for putting up with this odd little rant.


2 thoughts on “Website Discussion: -Possible Application for WordAds/Patreon & What That Means-

  1. This is new to me, I didn’t know you can have ads on your site and get paid.

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    1. Gotta have a fairly big viewer base.

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