Gaming Challenge Day 21! -Game With Best Story-

We all love to be told a story that involves us and engrosses us within it’s warm, loving and heart-breaking embrace. When it comes to games, there are many that have very memorable stories. Our pick for this topic has got to be the fantastic series that is, Uncharted. Bring Indiana Jones, marry it with gaming and there you go! It is the modern day rough treasure hunter. It’s story has always been the highlight of the series and does little to disappoint. Each subsequent game has built off the last and made for some of the most memorable gameplay in recent years.


The story captures you and really invests you into the character that we encounter. It also presents us with some amazing locales and themes. From betrayal to the biting stings of the past. Each gives our hero, Nathan Drake a motivation and a goal to pursue. His life long joy of finding artifacts often lands him and his long time mentor Sully, into some rather iffy situations but both know that they would never trade anything in the world for what they do. With a fourth title on the way, many fans are clamoring to see what this latest entry brings us, if not the end of Drake’s story. If you have yet to play these games, do so, if you don’t own a PlayStation system, do watch some gameplay of it or at least the story edit’s.


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