3-Day Quote Challenge! Day 3

Wrapping up the final day, I wanted to find a pretty interesting and maybe powerful quote, leaving the latter for you to decide. I loved this quote and I loved how much meaning is behind it. Take it from someone who frets about doing things on time or being at a place several hours early, all to avoid being late. We have almost all the time in the world to decide what we want to do with it. We may spend it one way, while wishing we had spent it another. We often feel like we wasted what time we had and that in doing so, we lose what precious time we do have. So, take a moment to read this short quote and let is seep in. I am pretty sure anyone who has seen LOTR (Lord of The Rings) It is something of a powerful quote to me at the least.


So, I am going to fudge on the last day and let anyone who reads this decide on what they wish to do. IF you want to start this challenge by all means do. It is after all, up to you to decide what you do with the time that is given to you. See what I did there? So clever, precious. I hope you guys and gals all enjoyed our little 3-day challenge and I look forward to seeing you all in the next one!


3 thoughts on “3-Day Quote Challenge! Day 3

  1. Nice quote, it is our choice and must take note on the time we have.

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