Let’s Talk Conventions: -Naka-Kon 2016 Preparation-

The Official Naka-Kon Logo! All rights belong to their respective owners!
The Official Naka-Kon Logo! All rights belong to their respective owners!

It is the season for Convention planning and the sort! Well, at least for me it is well in advance. Naka-Kon was an inspiration and point of joy for me this year. As such, we are already in the works of preparing for this coming March’s Naka-Kon. So, what goes into planning for one of the biggest mid-west anime convention, don’t quote me on that, well a lot actually goes into planning for a convention. From where one stays, to whether or not they will cosplay. It all balances on small points of focus that can turn into iffy situations later down the road. For us here at OGZ, it is fairly straight forward and simple.

First you got to get the hotel choice down. Find out what hotels are close or near and book as soon as you can. No if’s or but’s about it. If you wait like I did last year, you will start to slowly lose it. Well, not really but it will cause a fair bit of stress when trying to find a close hotel. Thankfully the hotel we will be in this year is right across the street! Good for getting between the hotel and the con rather quickly. Another thing of note is finding what hotels will give you the better discount. If they have a partnership, then more power to you and your wallet will thank you for it. Naka-Kon is pretty good about partnering with local hotels to help promote con awareness and to also boost business and sales. It also makes it less of a headache for you in terms of travelling and parking. I know I like to be able to park and then just walk to the convention, rather than fight for parking space.

Courtesy of Overland Park Convention Center Website.
Courtesy of Overland Park Convention Center Website.

One thing that is changing this year is my party size, the other addition to that is cosplay. With several of us wanting to dress up, it doesn’t hurt to start preparing those outfits in advance. Many a cosplayer will tell you that it takes ample time to design and throw together and outfit. Now that accounts for both hand made and store bought. Meaning, if you get something off amazon, you may still have to tailor it or touch it up in some way or the other. Nothing is ever fine the first go round. Plus you could have a change in heart on what you want to cosplay when the con actually comes around, so going with two or more outfits is always a safe bet.

If you are like me and wanting to cover the convention, keep in mind it is a public event. Press passes are available but not mandatory; some conventions however may still require one. If you do plan on covering a con, first make sure you got a camera, which I do not unfortunately have. Thus, I shall be getting one this Christmas to remedy that issue. With that in mind, you also got to decide if you need your laptop or tablet to live post articles as you go or if you will write down and take note of your con experiences to later talk about in one massive overall post. I am a bit iffy on how I will cover the convention this coming March but I want to cover what I can. Schedule things out as best you can, knowing that full well the panel information may change before the con or even during. However cosplay photography will be a key point as well as vendor hall swag and content.

I know this is a bit of an odd post. It flows and writes more like a how-to but, I think convention planning is something that is great and fun! Now, provide income increases or stuff changes, we plan on doing more conventions throughout the year and trying to help spread our name around a bit more. It almost feels a bit selfish at times trying to make this site into a job but, I want to progress into that path. If you do what you love, then you truly never work a day in your life, or so they say. If covering anime and games can pay my bills, I’d gladly jump onto the boat with all hands aboard. So, what conventions are you all planning for? Any big one sin particular for you? Or are you also planning on hopping to Naka-Kon this coming March 11th-13th, 2016. If you are interested in going, tickets are up for pre-registration at the low price of 35USD. Hotels are always booked fast so check the website out for overflow hotels! If you are going, let us know so we can all try to schedule a meet up!

Naka-Kon: https://naka-kon.com/

Overflow Hotels: https://naka-kon.com/overflow-hotels

I know this post is a bit odd from our normal posting content, however I figured it would be a topic I would eventually be covering. As I stated above, Naka-Kon 2015 was the reason this site came to be. It gave me that push and that amazing burst of inspiration to see this website through all the way. I have high hopes and higher points to reach with this new and upcoming convention than I did with this past years. Here is hoping for an even better time this year.


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