Gaming Challenge Day 18! -Favorite Protagonist-

We all have our favorite gaming protagonists that we aim to aspire to be like, imitate and live like. They can have their faults and they can have their ups and downs. They are trying to be as human as possible. Which is why we connect with them and support them in their actions. We may sometimes questions those acts but, it may just be something that is usually unavoidable.


For our character choice we have to go with, The player character from Persona 4 or from the anime, Yu Narukami. Going from the anime he is a character that is just trying to figure out what the meaning of his persona powers are. In the game, you guide this character through a winding maze of life in the new town they moved to and attempt to solve a murder mystery in the making. His choices are determined by us but much like us in real life, we have no notion of what those choices might have on events later on in the future of the game.


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