First off, I am sorry this is half a month late! I have been trying to get through a back log of posts and other assorted material to cover, while working my job. So, better late than never, right? Thank you to Matthew for nominating us and supporting us! If you have yet to follow him, do yourself a favor and do so! He has an awesome content cover! So, what is a Liebster? It is an award given to websites by other websites to help promote and spread awareness of these sites. We typically sit below the less than 200 followers range, so it also acts as sort of a boost. We then answer the questions proposed by the other blogger and then nominate several more blogs. Simple right? Well, lets get right into the action of things and start talking about the proposed questions!


  1. When not blogging, what do you do online?

When I am not blogging I am either, playing a game on my PS4 (More than likely Far Cry 4 or Dragon Age Inquisition), listening to music or planning events for my website and or with friends. That or brows Imgur…

  1. What is the best movie you seen so far?

I’m going to take this as this year, as overall would be too disastrous… For this year it has gotta be claws down, Jurassic World. No bias here, well… Maybe just a little bit.

  1. What is the worst movie you have ever seen?

The movie adaption of Eragon. Good book, terrible movie adaption…

  1. Can you remember moment your life when someone made compliment to your blog site? If so, how did feel?

My first comment was a while ago… It was on my first let’s talk anime: music post and was just a suggestion to listen to another soundtrack with emotional base. It was odd but it was a first comment and a sign that I was on the right path. I had a rough first few months aha!

  1. Do you have a favorite quote that helps you life?

“Do or do not. There is no Try” -Yoda Pretty simple and fits my realist lifestyle.

  1. What computer do you prefer, Apple or Microsoft?

either. Microsoft hurts my wallet less and I only have dealt with Mac’s in highschool. I try not to be biased either way as it hurts you in the long run if you are stuck with a computer from either company.

  1. What is favorite color?

Blue hands down, but the black/pink combo is an attractive color combo.

  1. What is your dream job?

Honestly, writing for this website. I would love to quit my current job and get paid to just write about and watch anime all day. One day though! One day.

  1. What is your favorite genre when reading books?

Fantasy or sci-fi. I like a bit of medieval-historical fiction but, it is iffy.

  1. If you were in a superhero movie, would you like be the hero or the villain?

I’d like to honestly be the average guy who is just trying to make it by while these freaks are tearing up my city…

  1. If you met a genie and he was going to give you threes wishes, what would your wishes be?

Okay so first, I would wish for a better work station. Two, An apartment or at least a financial base for which I can live on my own. Lastly, I would wish for that genie to be free from his obligations of appeasing us commoners. : D

Whew! Questions are done now it is time for a little bit of trivia regarding myself. I will try to mix things up and hopefully I do not contradict myself from my first Liebster Award post….

  1. A convention inspired me to start writing.
  2. I have started to prefer slice of life anime to anything else.
  3. I give good advice, cannot follow my own advice.
  4. I used to write short stories in middle school.
  5. I keep the boxes of products I buy. Makes trade in’s and moving a bit easier.
  6. I resent a structured work schedule but I like keeping everything in order.
  7. I like having conversations with random people on twitter. And fellow authors ; D
  8. I never have been tardy since 4th grade. Getting a sticker that said tardy turtle was enough to emotional wreck me XD
  9. In continuation from the fact above, I tend to arrive to events or outings about an hour or more early.
  10. I tend to hate driving with music on.
  11. I can never bring myself to by a used or refurbished PC, phone, console. I will by used games perfectly fine.

Alrighty there are your 11 facts about me! I hope I didn’t double up on what I said in my first post but hey, it makes things easy to remember about me. That way you guys can pose as me for events! Or not, I like my identity staying with myself. Hopefully I can get this out soon! Working in this and something else at the same time is always a distracting process. It is late enough as is… So to end things off I will list 11 more blogs and present them with a list of will bending questions, that may or may not alter their perception of what is and what isn’t.

Question time!

  1. How many Conventions do you attend?
  2. Wine or Cheese?
  3. How many countries have you visited/lived in?
  4. What is your view on the community you write for? Be it Otaku, Gamer, Books, Sports, etc…
  5. Is there a figure, living or dead, who gives you immense amounts of inspiration?
  6. What do you do when you hit the writers wall? How do you overcome it?
  7. What is your ideal pet?
  8. Ideal vacation spot?
  9. If you could live at one convention, which would it be and why?
  10. Do you like what you do now? If not, what would you change?
  11. Do you like these sort of questions?


  1. Blue is the best color, hands down.

    Interesting about the used/refurbed electronics. Actually, a lot of times the refurbs work out better since it usually means the company just recently checked it out to make sure it’s all good, unlike something that’s been sitting in a warehouse for months and was missed by quality control.

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