Anime Challenge Day 30! -Anime I Wish Never Ended-

Well, here we are. The Home stretch, the last leg of the 30+ day journey. Today we are finishing off this challenge with our last post. In regards to anime, we all have the series we love and the series we are happy to hate. There are few however, that we want to keep watching, we want to never stop going. I think those anime are what drive other passionate people into pursuing jobs in the animation industry and vice versa; though this post is not about this aspect.

The Anime I have chosen for this final post is the anime that started us off. Chobits was an anime that was both amazing and something that felt as if it could have continued on into a more defining chapter. I wanted desperately to see how this change in Chi would affect how her life worked, I wanted to see Hideki and Chi’s relationship develop into something more. I wish they would have a second season like Chunibyo did with helping to expand the two primary characters in that anime. Though I feel that the author and artists behind Chobits felt that they had told this story and wanted to leave it on a very high and happy note. That is the life of a fan though. We crave more of what we like and want. We want to feel like there is more to the story than with what we received. We hold out in hopes of having something more coming over the horizon. While I am very pleased with the run Chobits had, I would enjoy seeing where they are now and what life has done for them both.

That’s it folks! We are officially done with the 30 day anime challenge! It has been slightly more than 30 days, due to some missed days. We really enjoyed writing all of these for you all! It may have been a bit bland and repetitive for most, as you get the same topic everyday roughly. We appreciate you all sticking through it with us! If you like these 30 day challenges, then feel free to look out for our gaming one! We are roughly halfway through that one and will be wrapping that one up within the next week or so.


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