Gaming Challenge Day 17! -My Favorite Gaming Antagonist-

With the amount of amazing characters and the depth of writing that has been developing in the gaming community. It becomes a task to chose one character out of the pool of infinite possibilities and dreams, to talk about today. Crafting a memorable antagonist is something of a more daunting task however, I believe I have one in particular that I would like to use for today’s gaming challenge post. The antagonist of choice? Pagan Min from the latest entry, Far Cry 4. Now, understand this will be from my first 11 hours of gameplay and what little I have seen and heard about this character.


Pagan Min is an antagonist like no other. He has humor, albeit dark and full of self gratification however, that does little to hamper the odd sensation of enjoying his character. He is, ‘polite’ in his manners as a dictator to the country of Kyrat and his unusual personality only adds to the fire. He will get you with his nonchalant attitude and his suave sense of style and approach. Don’t get me wrong. He is ruthless, egotistic and cunning. He holds Kyrat by a leash and will constantly banter the protagonist, Ajay Ghale, with past bits of jumbled story from Pagan’s fascination with his birth mother. He also throws every pawn at his disposal towards Ajay in his attempt to, persuade him from the path he has chosen. There hasn’t really been an antagonist like Pagan Min, with whom I feel oddly obligated to like. Yes, he is a sick man and a devious one but how he acts, how he is, is just something of a curious nature. He has been regarded as one of Ubisoft’s best written villains in recent time and one of the best gaming antagonist in a long while. By no means is he the BEST but he does push himself up to the level of most memorable gaming villain. We look forward to learning a bit more about this rather unique individual. And here is a bit of an older promotional trailer! (Note the pre-order period has passed!)

So, there is our favorite antagonist but, who is yours? Do you prefer villains like The Illusive Man? Or non-conventional ones? Leave us a comment below! We would, love to hear about your choice in this matter! Thank you for reading and thank you for being patient! We have been rather occupied and have had to direct focus to articles we wanted to push out first. Hopefully we can get a bit more on track with what we are posting in regards to being more varied.


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