Anime Review: -Soul Eater NOT!-


We all enjoy a nice short anime. We also love Soul Eater yes? Well, then you are in luck my friends and fellow viewers! Soul Eater NOT! is an anime that starts us off right before the events of the main anime, Soul Eater. This anime follows the paths of three girls, particularly Tsugumi Harudori, as she discovers her hidden weapon abilities and subsequent decision to attend the DWMA in the always sunny Mojave! During her stay she encounters many of the older EAT Students that we have come to appreciate and love, as well as new faces that are experiencing the live of a DWMA student first hand. The two friends she finds herself bunked with are, Meme Tatane and Anya Hepburn, both attending meisters. During her course of her stay, both meisters strive to partner with Tsugumi but they ultimately leave the decision up to her. However, their stay does not go with out issue, as a resident which, who has been hiding among to common folk in the DWMA begins spinning and playing her game in a bid to take over and crush the DWMA. These happening ultimately pave the way for the events of the first anime to take place. The anime also goes to show that there are two levels to the DWMA Classes. You have NOT students (Normally Overcome Target) who focus on honing their abilities to not be a danger to those around them and may act as support roles, while the EAT Students (Especially Advantaged Talent) focus on active combat roles as warriors of justice for the DWMA.

Animation: The animation quality is a step up from the original, taking a more modern approach to the design and flow aspects over the older animation. While met with a bunch of criticism, mainly directed at the character redesigns for our favorite characters. While I understand the criticism towards the art style however, this newer anime does tend to focus on the cutesy side of the genre rather than the darker and bleaker approach the art style took in the original anime. This anime tries to focus on serious issues but still present itself with a cutesy and more refreshing look. The art style is awesome and quite refreshing. The few fight scenes that are sprinkled into the 12 episode run are fluid and very well drawn. Each of the unique characters has a very distinct visual style and it helps give them charm and personality, while also contributing to some rather uncomfortable fan service moments.

Voice Acting and Music: The voice acting quality of the English Version is absolutely superb. There is hardly a dull moment that occurs with the voice acting and it is hardly a let down. While I have only seen the first episode of the series in native Japanese, both versions are just as amazing. Also being treated to the original voice actors/actresses for the original characters; although, it has been odd to hear these voice actors/actresses a bit older from when they originally recorded the voice work, most noticeable is Todd Haberkorn as Death the Kid. Either there was a a lack of motivation or that they legitimately just were rusty in the voice reprisal. Either way, it was still awesome to be able to see these returns and feel a bit nostalgic with the series. The musical score for the anime was nothing too fancy or over the top, it did bring back similar notes and composition that the original series was known for. So, in adding more to the nostalgia factor, it had a pleasant feeling to it. This time around, it was a lot more happy and joyful than compared to the original. Now the original wasn’t always tense, it was dark but it still had plenty of humorous notes and moments. Soul Eater NOT! Focuses more on the joyful aspects of life, rather than the struggle to fight and improve ones being even more so, the score has got to match the feeling and vibe.

Maka/Soul Vs BlackStar/Tsubaki at a battle tourney!
Maka/Soul Vs BlackStar/Tsubaki at a battle tourney!

The Impact of Finding Your Self: This anime follow Tsugumi in her attempt to better understand her power, her gift. As such, this anime has a finding oneself motif when one looks at the picture. She evolves day by day and learns more about the ones around her and that of herself. She finds out more about them and learns to see their souls. In doing so she learns to grasp and unlock her soul’s true potential. In doing so she finds that she is able to be wielded by not just one meister but, two. She finds her blade and her drive to pursue her goals within her life. As such she manages to better herself and to make a lasting impact at the DWMA. While more than likely aimed at a more female audience, the anime still holds a bit of nice and heartfelt inspiration in being able to come to terms with our differences or problems in order to find our peace, in order to find that soul resonance.

Meme under control of Shaula Gorgon.

Closing Comments: While I very much enjoyed the twelve episode run, I wish it had gone on a fair bit more than it did. I would have liked to see how the actions of the antagonist influenced Medusa’s goals and objectives for what she had planned. Though it gives some nice back story to why Sid is a zombie and sets things up nicely for going into the older anime. While new viewers may not realize there is another bit to Soul Eater NOT! it will at least give them an interest in pursuing the series further. Near the end of the series, it does get a tad uncomfortable with the cloth-less-soul resonance scenes as knowing the age group it does make things VERY uncomfortable. However I am sure it could be easily skipped over to avoid the uncomfortable feelings. The anime does make for a very joyful watch with few emotional parts to not have to worry about.

So, if you feel up for watching this anime and giving it a shot then head on over to either Hulu or the official Funimation website! You can watch both the Dub or sub via Funimation, I cannot speak for Hulu in this matter. IF you have fully seen the anime, what did you think of it? Did you like it as much as we did or were you put off by the cutesy nature of it? Feel free to leave a comment below and as always, thank you for reading!




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